Though Daniel Craig brought James Bond into the 21th Century with Casino Royale, it seems Skyfall has brought the franchise into the internet era – at least in terms of marketing. Though the trailer won’t debut until May 25 (where it will be attached to Men in Black III), we’ve seen a lot of behind the scenes glimpses at the film, and now there’s a new featurette highlighting the production design.

It’s a nice little piece with interview footage with Judi Dench talking about how impressed she is with the craftsmanship, and it must be said that the set with all the glass and reflecting billboards looks amazing. And with Roger Deakins as the cinematographer, there’s no question the film is going to look stunning.

What I’m curious about is why director Sam Mendes has kept such a low profile when it comes to doing promotional material. I mean, I understand why he would defer to Daniel Craig or Javier Bardem, but I haven’t seen Mendes say much of anything yet. It is possible that he’s too busy directing to worry about it.

The film doesn’t open until November 9, but all credit is due to the people behind the film for building buzz and interest this far ahead. They’re making this an event, and it does feel like it’s been a while since we last saw 007.

Are you more excited for James Bond’s return or Gandalf’s?