First off, our condolences to any and all friends of Star-Burns. He will be missed, even though he made Greendale a more dangerous place via his meth lab. Last night’s episode of Community picked up where “Basic Lupine Urology” left off, with Star-Burns’ (or Alex as he liked to be called) death. The newly named “Greendale Seven” spent some time coping with the loss of their classmate, until things took an ugly and violent turn.

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The Players:

Episode Title: “Course Listing Unavailable”

While the study group deals with the death of a classmate, Chang makes a play to gain more power over campus security when a memorial service turns into a riot.

The Good:

  • Britta Becomes Star-Burns: You have to admire how devoted Britta is to being called a psychologist. In this episode, she becomes Star-Burns by slapping some faux star-shaped sideburns to her face. It was her way of getting the group to cope with his death. “Ask me anything,” she says. But of course they take this opportunity to ask odd questions like “Why did you always poop with the stall door open?” and “Is it true you made-out with Britta?” Also worth noting is Jeff’s consistent put downs. The way Jeff and Britta go back and forth with little insults has become a staple of the show.
  • Dean Pelton: We finally got to peek inside Dean Pelton’s costume closet and it’s everything you’d expect. Amazing! There were so many great Dean moments last night including him singing “C’mon Eileen” and delivering bad news to the group in a Can Can dancer outfit. Classic Dean.
  • The Wake: Side-Burns memorial ceremony had its fair share of moments. Garrett’s horrible rendition of “Ave Maria” tops the list, followed by Shirley’s stink-eye (She wanted to sing it!).
  • The Darkest Timeline: Although “Course Listing Unavailable” took a nasty turn with Chang and the riot, it finished on a hopeful and wholesome note. The gang gathered at Troy, Abed and Annie’s apartment to mourn their expulsion from Greendale. There were a few references to an earlier episode (“Remedial Chaos Theory”) and it’s multiple timelines that tied in very nicely. We even got to see Pizza Guy again.
  • Chicago Seven Reference: Anyone else realize that the Greendale Seven is a reference to the ’60s group the Chicago Seven? They also got in trouble for inciting riots and went to court for it. It’s my own personal belief that Jeff Winger is the Abbie Hoffman in this situation.

The Bad:

  • You And Whose Army?: We’ve come to learn that Chang and power don’t mix. Therefore, why would Dean Pelton give him complete control over the riot? Last night, Chang went completely crazy. Him and his tiny army of pre-teen soldiers peppered sprayed anyone who stood in their way and took over the school. Sure, it was entertaining, but Chang’s inconsistent love/hate relationship for the study group is wearing thin. What’s his deal? Weren’t they on good terms? A lot of things just don’t make sense.

The Quotable:

  • “As for my collection of Styx albums, I leave that to no one because that’s who appreciated Styx as much as me.”
  • “How one-armed was he? Tell me when to stop.”
  • “He also left me his ashes. He asked me to burn them – I don’t think he knows how ashes work.”
  • “This community college is not an inner city high school.”
  • “What are you, my final?”
  • “When I say Greendale, you say sucks. Greendale – sucks!”
  • “Tomorrow they are having a meeting to investigate the ringleaders of the riot, a.k.a. the Greendale Seven.”
  • “Chang is a psychopathic wannabe warlord with an army of prepubescent thugs. He was living in the school’s airvent system with a monkey!”


With the exception of Chang’s takeover, “Course Listing Unavailable” was a pretty good episode. Despite it being centered on death, there were plenty of jokes to keep the comedy afloat. Next week, will definitely be an interesting episode, seeing as the group is on their own.

Rating: 8.5/10

Community airs Thursdays nights at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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