After news broke that Robert Rodriguez was inexplicably filming Machete Kills, a sequel to 2010’s Machete (itself a spin-off from a Grindhouse pseudo-trailer), the question became: who will show up to star in this thing?  A random cavalcade of stars showed up for the last one (Robert De Niro, Don Johnson, Lindsay Lohan); so far, Machete Kills has nabbed returning stars Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba, as well as good decision maker Mel Gibson.  And now, the latest name added to the roster is Amber Heard.

Heard will reportedly portray an assassin whose code name is Miss San Antonio, who will be weaving her way throughout a plot in which Machete must take out a terrorist named Mendez the Madman, as well as Mel Gibson’s Luther Voz, an evil billionaire and arms dealer who plans on launching a destructive missile at Earth via outer space.

Heard had previously been rumored to star in the Robert Rodriguez-directed remake of Red Sonja (perhaps the worst idea for a reboot ever) before Rodriguez bailed on the project.

So, to recap: a Grindhouse-y sequel about a badass Federale/day laborer who battles Mel Gibson over space weaponry while surrounded by beautiful women, as directed by Robert Rodriguez.  Well, it can’t be any worse than the first one, right?

What do you think of the Machete Kills news?

Source: Variety