A web of lies were unraveled on last night’s episode of Revenge. “Absolution” focused on the sharing of secrets, and the choices people make once they know the truth. As the season draws to a close Emily must refocus her energy on destroying the Grayson clan once and for all. But does she have enough dirt to finish them off?

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The Players:

  • Director: Sanford Bookstaver
  • Writers: Nikki Toscano and Ryan Scott
  • Cast: Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe, Gabriel Mann, Henry Czerny, Ashley Madekwe, Nick Wechsler, Josh Bowman, Christa B. Allen, Connor Paolo, Tess Harper, Cynthia McFadden

Episode Title: “Absolution”

Emily discovers new info about her father’s final days, that was kept from her by Nolan.  Meanwhile, as Daniel prepares to leave prison the media attacks his character. He readies to face the press, while the SEC opens their investigation of Grayson Global. Elsewhere, Victoria and Charlotte form a bond.

The Good:

  • Finally: Emily’s attempt to check on Charlotte was derailed by a new piece of information. Declan’s form of tough love only fueled Charlotte’s hatred of her ex-boyfriend. It was Victoria, who finally reached out to Charlotte, trying to lead her away from the path of self-destruction. It would have been nonsensical to have a number of perceptive adults ignore her problems, especially with Daniel out of harm’s way. If Charlotte continues to deteriorate so be it. At least Victoria’s olive branch fixes a glaring hole in the plot.
  • Emotional Torture Revisited: Conrad’s power play against Victoria was a misguided move on his part. Last week, the audience needed to see his malicious attack; this week the audience needed to see her victory in the face of defeat. One well calculated and vicious move against Conrad was a reminder that Victoria is not to be toyed with.
  • His Father’s Son (SPOILER ALERT): For a long time, it seemed like Emily had real feelings for Daniel. Since he claimed to hate everything the Grayson name stood for, she was careful to use him as an avenue into the their world. This complicated her tricky vengeance vendetta more than once. However, Conrad’s confession of his crimes against David Clarke brought out Daniel’s true character. His decision to stand behind his father effectively ended any doubt viewers might have had about Emily’s motivation where he’s concerned. It was important to reestablish that Emily’s top priority is justice, without all the Daniel confusion.

The So-So:

  • Media Relations: Ashley was almost free of the Grayson’s until her own treachery backfired. She finds herself shackled to the sinking ship known as Grayson Global. Opportunistic and ambitious she is, but her role as Emily’s friend, Tyler’s partner, and Victoria’s lackey never made an impact on the plot or the audience. She needs a defined role, something that exhibits her probable talent. Hopefully her addition to Conrad’s staff will make her a more integral part of the show, but it’s too soon tell.

The Bad:

  • In Plain Sight: Emily’s search for her father’s killer is necessary, but her decision to kill them herself is dangerous. She always takes matters into her own hands, but her moves are made behind closed doors. Killing a man tied to the Grayson’s would put her in the limelight, and that’s a risk she doesn’t need to take. Like last week, the writers are corrupting the foundation of the most important character. And that’s the fastest way to reduce viewership. Let’s hope they preserve Emily’s nature.
  • Bleeding Heart: From the beginning Jack has been the show’s moral compass—the one that always does the right thing.  It’s a thankless task in a cast of characters each more devious than the next. But someone has to fill that role. Still, when Jack appeared at Daniel’s confession, it felt like the final straw. Jack doesn’t have to sacrifice every part of his dignity just to do the right thing. Give him a backbone before his role as the show’s punching bag turns into being the show’s joke.


Chalk it up to good writing. Even though there were hardly any exciting scenes, this episode seemed to fly by. It focused on the sharing of information, and characters reactions to that information. Viewers could easily see what the focus will be for the rest of the season, and it’s invigorating!

Rating: 8/10

Revenge airs Wednesday nights at 10p.m. on ABC.

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