Cat fight – meow! This week, the claws came out as six girls remain in the running to become “America’s Next Top Model.” Laura and Eboni don’t like each other, while Sophie and Alisha go at it. Does anyone in the house get along? A trip to Macau brightens their moods as they’re put to the task of modeling — while wearing live silkworms.

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The Players:

  • Judges: Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, Kelly Cutrone, Jay Manual, Barney Cheng
  • Models: Alisha White, Annaliese Dayes, Catherine Thomas, Eboni Davis, Laura LaFrate, Sophie Sumner

Episode Title: “Barney Cheng”

This week, the girls were surprised with a trip to Macau, and promptly presented with a challenge upon arrival. They met up with Miss Jay (dressed to the nines as always) and Clement Chan, a Chinese Astrologer. Clement gave all the girls readings of their horoscope, and then they were challenged to change their “auras” according to their fortunes. The winner was Laura, who snagged a fabulous spa package. She got to choose a teammate to share the prize, and went with fellow American, Eboni. It was a strange and awkward moment, considering Laura previously told Eboni she didn’t like her. Meanwhile, the girls photo shoot consisted of wearing silk designer gowns covered in live silkworms.

The Good:

  • Laura: Once again, Laura’s grit and determination won out over her unlikeable personality. The fact that she told Eboni to her face that she didn’t like her (because she was vain) took some guts. Also, she was the only model that didn’t complain about the silkworms, which is probably why she got best photo.
  • Annaliese: This week, Annaliese realized that she could be more than just a “personality.” She may actually have what it takes to be a real high-fashion model. Good for her for growing in a competition where many of her peers seem to be regressing.

The Bad:

  • Silkworms: Do they really need a creepy crawly photo shoot in every season? It’s getting old, Tyra. Besides the fact that silkworms make silk, which their gowns were made of, the photo shoot didn’t make sense.
  • Alisha: Alisha got mad at Sophie for wearing her dress and heels and leaving them on the floor. So Sophie did the mature thing (well, as mature as a 20-year-old can be) and apologized. But instead of accepting the apology, Alisha continued to whine and complain to Catherine about it. Alisha doesn’t need to get off her high horse, she needs to get over it.
  • Laura: During her photo shoot, Jay asks Laura what makes her powerful and she says really good sex. Jay says to go for her best orgasm, and she starts shivering and shaking and making weird faces. That was an uncomfortable moment for everyone involved.


This episode, the cattiness was in full swing, and next week should be even worse. It’s now the four of them with poor Annaliese stuck in the middle. Who will win out in the battle of the bitchy models?

Rating: 7/10

America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion airs Wednesday nights at 9:00 p.m. on the CW.


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