The cast of the Fast and Furious movies has become such that now each new film adds more players to the roster, along with past cast members who may or may not have been killed off in previous adventures. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and Dwayne Johnson are due back, but what about the new players, and some of the people hinted at returning at the end of Fast Five?

Well, one is coming back and one isn’t. Michelle Rodriguez confirmed to Variety that she will be in the sixth entry, tentatively titled Fast Six, but we’ve also heard word that Eva Mendes- who cameoed in the last film – will not be joining the hunt. Screencrush asked the actress if she was in the film and she said no, though both left the possibility open that that could change.

Gina Carano, of Haywire fame, is in talks to join the film as a federal agent (typecasting) according to The Hollywood Reporter. We’ve also heard rumors about who’s been asked to play the villain. Rihanna – coming off of Battleship – has supposedly been asked to play a bad guy (according to The Sun), while Luke Evans has also been made an offer (according to Twitchfilm). How this all sorts out is anyone’s business. But here’s the stats:

  • Michelle Rodriguez: Yes
  • Eva Mendes:No, but Maybe
  • Gina Carano: In Talks
  • Rihanna: Rumored
  • Luke Evans: Offered

Who would you want in Fast Six?