Baby mama drama took a slight incestuous turn on last night’s episode of Cougar Town. “Southern Accents” featured the return of Carolyn Hennesy as Barb, as well as the start of a mayoral campaign. If that’s not enough, Bobby and Laurie wrestled with the issue of casual prejudice.

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The Players:

  • Director: Bruce Leddy
  • Writer: Kate Purdy
  • Cast: Courteney Cox, Christa Miller, Busy Philipps, Dan Byrd, Josh Hopkins, Ian Gomez, Brian Van Holt, Briga Heelan, Carolyn Hennesy, Barry Bostwick, Shawn Parikh, Edwin Hodge

Episode Title: “Southern Accents”

When Jules stumbles upon Holly and Travis kissing she’s appropriately grossed out. In the aftermath, she’s forced to deal with the underlying issues she has with Holly. Meanwhile, Jules’ desire to have a beach wedding creates an opportunity for Andy to throw his hat into the political arena. That is, if Ellie will allow him to. Elsewhere, Laurie helps Bobby tackle his unintentional racism.

The Good:

  • The Great Equalizer: It seems one of the show’s new goals is to bring life’s unheralded truths out into the open. This time, it was the inability to turn down a shot of Tequila. Jules just couldn’t resist Holly’s request to share a drink and girl talk. Besides, if it wasn’t for liquor, neither of their children (Travis and Jill) would have been conceived. It was a great way for the writers to work in some commonality between the women in Grayson’s life.
  • The Manhole Monster: Yes, it’s potentially psychologically damaging to tell your child a boy-eating monster lives in the manhole they frequently visit. Bad parenting aside, it’s hilarious.
  • In Bed with Big Business: Back when the show first started (and the name Cougar Town actually made sense) Carolyn Hennesy’s character Barb and her snappy one-liners were prominently featured. But as the show’s focus shifted away from the Cougar premise, the need for her antics quickly diminished. The showrunners made Barb’s sporadic appearances the only remaining tie to the shows’ unfortunate name. But since Barb is now married to someone in her age bracket (or possibly older), they’ve finally severed ties with the name they hate. Does this mean an official title change could finally happen?
  • Hillbilly Hall of Fame: Chances are you were as grossed out as Jules when you saw Travis making out with his future stepfather’s baby mama. Still, it was worth it just to see Grayson and Travis compare notes on kissing Holly. The moment was brief, but completely fulfilling.
  • Playa’s Gon’ Play: One of the funniest parts of Grayson’s character is his playboy persona. He pops his collar, uses his special playboy voice, and even says, “‘Sup Playboy,” when he looks in the mirror. In recent weeks, it hasn’t been a part of the script, so it was great to see it last night. Just because Grayson is settling down doesn’t mean his cocky attitude has to disappear.
  • Queen Latifah, Advisor: For weeks it seemed like Andy had become a forgotten character. His role has been reliant on his position as Bobby’s bromance buddy and Ellie’s obedient husband. Hopefully, this mayoral plot will bring him to the forefront. After all, anyone who picks Queen Latifah as their advisor deserves to be more relevant to the show.
  • Pretty White Woman: Casual racism is a pretty serious theme for such a lighthearted sitcom, but they made it work. Bobby’s stereotyping became an example: assuming every African-American man can dunk a basketball can be just as offensive as racial slurs. The best part was Laurie’s belief that as a pretty white woman, she’d solved all the minority problems with one quick conversation. If that seemed like a ridiculous statement, then you now understand the minority community’s issue with films that operate with the same idea. Kudos to Cougar Town for bringing hilarity to a very serious topic.
  • Pig Trials: Cougar Town’s title has been a long-standing joke, but the show has outdone itself by working its title card into the episode. Plus, it’s great to be educated on the ins-and-outs of a Pig Trial.

The Quotable:

  • “I thought having a baby was going to be like a nonstop party, you know? Wrong. Turns out they’re a total crotch-block.”
  • “You know who’d be great? John Mayer, Mayor Mayer. I know it sounds weird but he could really shape things up—in my pants.”
  • “Today we’re going to fix racism. Hopefully before our burgers come.”
  • “If there’s one thing that we learned from Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds or Sandy Bullock in The Blind Side or Hilary Swank in that movie no one ever saw is that all you need to fix minority problems is a pretty white woman.”


Everything about this episode was perfect. Each plot was fully formed, engaging, and hilarious. A major character issue was addressed, without which the wedding couldn’t proceed. The writers also showed that they’re not afraid to tackle any subject matter. This is an episode no one should miss.

Rating: 10/10

Cougar Town airs Tuesday nights at 8:30 p.m. on ABC.

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