For a while there you could say that Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was playing cute. It was embracing one of J.J. Abrams‘s favorite marketing schemes – the puzzle box – where part of the fun was not knowing what the film exactly was until you got into the theater. That game plan has been modified for marketing recently, and now we’re getting a clearer sense of what the film is. And for those who weren’t spoiled by the latest trailer, the new featurette offers even more footage and clues. Check it out…

We get interviews here with Scott, and stars Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce, Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace, along with Logan Marshall-Green, for whom this seems his big shot (and he also kind of looks like Tom Hardy, but maybe that’s just me).

The featurette is selling the old school in that it’s showcasing the scale of the sets. In the digital era, it’s nice to see a film have such massive working space because it does make a difference when encountering an alien space to have that reality behind the actors.

Looking up the film on IMDb, it lists Patrick Wilson as one of the stars. He plays Noomi Rapace’s father. My guess is it’s a small role, but the IMDb is the IMDb. The film is set come out June 8, and it’s easily one of the most exciting films of the summer, and it’s playing the same clips and featurette games as The Avengers has. Which means expect a lot more of this stuff in the next month.

Where would you rank Prometheus on your summer want-to-see list?