Word recently broke that screenings of The Avengers would contain a new, possibly Catwoman-heavy final trailer for the upcoming (and massively, massively anticipated) The Dark Knight Rises, the final film in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.  Well, it turns out you might not have to wait for hours in line at a Thursday night screening of The Avengers to see the new trailer—you can work with other fans to unlock it online.

Here’s how it works: The Dark Knight Rises website has been updated with a list of real-world locations that have “evidence” for the Gotham Police Department, and “right now these locations are all outside of the United States and Canada, but those countries will be added to the list at 11am EST.”  Fans need to go to this locations, take a picture of the location and then Tweet it with the following hashtag: #tdkr07202012 (or simply email it to tdkr07202012@gothampolicedepartment.com).  After doing so, you’ll unlock one frame of the third and supposedly final Dark Knight Rises trailer.  If enough people do so, the entire trailer will be unlocked! (Check out the progress here)

It’s a savvy bit of viral marketing on the part of Warner Bros., and, let’s face it—this is about a million times more fun and interesting than the increasingly annoying trend of simply putting out a teaser for the trailer, right?

What do you think of the viral marketing for The Dark Knight Rises?

Source: Batman News