On the surgery table about to have a vasectomy, Uriel explains in detail to no one in particular his reasons for having the procedure.Women all want to get too serious with him. Life is too risky. He already has children and doesn’t want to start over. He seems confident enough in his decision, until Gloria shows up later that day and makes him rethink his hand. Director Daniel Burman’s well-executed romantic comedy, All In, is no bluff.

The Players:

  • Director: Daniel Burman
  • Screenplay: Daniel Burman, Sergio Dubcovsky
  • Producer: Diego Dubcovsky
  • Composer: Nico Cota
  • Primary Cast: Jorge Drexler, Valeria Bertuccelli, Norma Aleandro, Gabriel Schultz, Luis Brandoni, Paloma Alvarez Maldonado, Lucciano Pizzichini

Tribeca Synopsis:

Happy with developing his online gambling business, being single, and raising his two sweet kids, Uriel takes a gamble and decides to have a vasectomy. But just as he embarks on his new life of freedom, he runs into his old pre-marriage flame, Gloria, newly arrived in Buenos Aires after years abroad.

Making his acting debut, Oscar-winning songwriter Jorge Drexler leaps off the screen in his charming portrayal of Uriel, while Valeria Bertuccelli’s (XXY) Gloria is the ultimate modern woman, balancing a world-weariness with the need for love. Colorful supporting characters fill out this bright, honest portrait about learning that in life one’s poker face may not always be the key to hitting the jackpot.

The Good:

This year’s winner of the Tribeca Film Festivals Award for Best Screenplay, it’s no wonder that this story is tight, very well-paced, and has nicely developed characters. It doesn’t drag or ramble. The humor is intelligent, playful, and translates well. Actors Jorge Drexler and Valeria Bertuccelli have good chemistry and a very believable relationship. This straight-up romantic comedy delivers exactly what you would expect.

The Bad:

The metaphor about life being like a game of poker was the least entertaining part of this film, and unfortunately, there’s a lot of it. It was just too simple of a connection to be worthwhile.  The story could have stood on its own without the repeated connection between risks and choices in life and risks and choices in cards. The film is well-written, but it’s heavy-handed with its central metaphor and lacks subtlety.


Well-written, well-shot, and well-performed, I think many people will enjoy it. But for me, through no fault of its cast, it lacked dimensionality and felt flat. Bottom line: entertaining, but not forward-thinking or inventive.

Rating: 5/10