The Hulk—while one of the wilder, more interesting characters in the Marvel Universe, he’s also one that has never properly translated onto film.  Sure, he’s had a soap opera-y TV show and a handful of cheesy TV movies, a flawed but deeply interesting Ang Lee film, and then a blander than bland reboot with Edward Norton, but he’s never had something truly great.  Now, thanks to the overwhelmingly popular reaction to the character in The Avengers, we may be getting a third cinematic attempt at a solo Hulk film.

Originally, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige stated that the Hulk would not be getting his own reboot, and that “this was the other shot. Right? I mean, this was the third appearance of Hulk and everything that we had and were going for, we put in to Hulk’s appearance in Avengers.”

Which makes sense—the Hulk has defied a Spider-man, Iron Man, or The Dark Knight-quality film for years, so perhaps it would be better to allow the character to flourish in an ensemble film, rather than let him flounder with his own movie.

Not so fast, though, according to Marvel’s President of Consumer Products, Paul Gitter, who states that thanks to The Avengers, Hulks’ “sales are up in a major way. We repositioned him from where he was always misunderstood to now depicting him in a more heroic and aspirational manner.”  Even further, Gitter wants to spin “him off to a stand-alone program next year,” i.e., a full length film in 2015.

Might this mean we finally get an all-around awesome Hulk film, finally?  Or will it just be another tent-pole securing, franchise-building two-hour commercial for The Avengers films, like Thor and Captain America?

What do you think about a Hulk film?

Source: /Film