Welcome to the exact moment when Ridley Scott’s upcoming Prometheus ceased to be the ambiguous sci-fi mystery of the summer, and revealed just about every possible plot spoiler pertaining to its Alien prequel-dom that it seemingly possibly could.  Thanks to a just-released international trailer, we now have three full minutes that basically lay out Prometheus’ entire plot—don’t want to know about Charlize Theron’s character?  Not curious who has an alien inside of them?  A warning, then: view this at your own risk.

For the last time: spoilers ahead!

The trailer basically lays bare many of the plot details that have been debated by fans of the Alien series in the weeks and months leading up to Prometheus’ release.  Yes, it now appears that Theron’s corporate heavy will be a villain, just like Paul Reiser’s character in Aliens.  Yes, Noomi Rapace is a badass of Sigourney Weaver levels.  And yep, that’s Rapace screaming “GET IT OUT OF ME!  GET IT OUT OF ME!” repeatedly.  And yep, there’s heavy talk of some kind of alien force heading back to hit the Earth.

Just about the only thing not revealed in the trailer is whether or not Michael Fassbender’s mysteriously emotional android character will be a friend, or will go the way of Ash in the original Alien.  And while this trailer is certainly, well, cool, it’s more than a little disappointing to see most of Prometheus’ cards all laid out on the table like this—part of the primary appeal to the film, thus far, has been its sense of foreboding mystery.

Final verdict: it’s still one of our most anticipated films of 2012, but some of the excitement over Prometheus has now been lose thanks to the overly vigorous marketing.

Prometheus opens on June 8, and stars Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender and Guy Pearce.

What did you think of the new trailer?

Source: Empire