While The Avengers cleared $178 Million internationally, stateside none of the new films made much of an impression. And that’s why Think Like a Man was able to hold on to the top slot even with four new films in competition. It was a sleepy weekend because we’re about to enter the summer season. Check out the numbers…

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Think Like a Man
$18,000,000 (-46.5%) $8,933 $60,868,000
2 The Pirates! Band of Misfits $11,400,000 $3,395 $11,400,000
3 The Lucky One $11,325,000 (-49.7%) $3,567 $39,927,000
4 The Hunger Games $11,250,000 (-23.3%) $3,149 $372,455,000
5 The Five-Year Engagement $11,157,000 $3,800 $11,157,000
6 Safe $7,720,000 $3,407 $7,720,000
7 The Raven $7,250,000 $3,291 $7,250,000
8 Chimpanzee $5,460,000 (-48.8%) $3,484 $19,153,000
9 The Three Stooges $5,400,000 (-44.7%) $1,739 $37,141,000
10 The Cabin in the Woods $4,500,000 (-43.9%) $1,705 $34,664,000

Clearly nothing had the power to challenge Think Like a Man, which is on its way to a very healthy $90 Million domestic total. Maybe even a little more – it could get to $100 Million, but it’s unlikely. Kevin Hart is the name to remember.

The Pirates! has a chance to play long as it’s the only kids film until Madagascar, and we could see it hang out for a while. Word of mouth is going to be good – it’s a charmer – so this opening weekend may not spell its failure. But the next three films are all in spitting distance of its numbers, and we may see some pole position changes when the actuals come in. It’s possible The Five-Year Engagement could be the #2 of the weekend, but nothing will save it from being a low gross.

Indeed, everything else didn’t really open, but that’s to be expected when you come out the week before The Avengers. Universal may have simply dumped Five-Year, much as Safe and The Raven were dead before they hit theaters.

The Hunger Games is now the 17th Highest grossing picture of all time, and could crack the top ten. It’s going to have to cross $400 Million to get there, so the question is how it weathers next weekend.If it doesn’t hit $400, it’s going to be close.

Reality Check: I made the mistake of thinking the new pictures would open. Silly me.