This week’s episode of Nikita focuses on our favorite character — Birkhoff. He gets pulled from behind the computer and thrown into the field. Aaron Stanford gets his time to shine and gives one of the best performances of the season.

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The Players

  • Director: Nick Copus
  • Writer: Kristen Reidel
  • Cast: Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca Aaron Stanford, Melinda Clarke, Xander Berkeley

Episode Title: “Shadow Walker”

Percy plans to correct a mistake he made earlier this season — giving Alex his banking info. He decides to contact his “accountant” Ian Damascus, and move his money to a more secure location. Nikita and company attempt to steal it, by getting close to Damascus. Unfortunately, they need to use $20 million of Birkhoff’s funds just to meet with the guy. Once they arrive, they learn Damascus has emptied his clients’ accounts and given their money to Percy! Birkhoff’s cash is in the wind, and its disappearance causes a huge riff between him and Nikita.

The Good:

  • Birkhoff’s money: Birkhoff was absolutely right to behave the way he did this episode. We get that they’re fighting the “good fight” but $20 million is a lot of money! His reaction to Nikita approaching him with the idea, and Percy stealing it rang true. Who just calmly hands that amount over without any resistance?
  • Humor: After Birkhoff went AWOL to cool off, Alex became Birkhoff Jr. Surprisingly, she knows a lot more about computers than we thought. Watching her work the keyboard and shout “I am awesome” was hilarious. Plus, her referencing movies for hacking info is something we can all relate to. After we watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, we felt like we picked up a few skills.
  • Percy has egg on his face: Burn baby. Burn! Percy and Birkhoff’s money went up in flames in a blaze of corrupt glory. As viewers, we got to see Percy’s reaction and it was priceless. Thanks for that Xander Berkeley.
  • You’re more than a computer geek: We love that Birkhoff got some much-needed validation. On spy, cop, or even medical dramas, the I.T. person does most of the grunt work and gets none of the credit. They make it look easy, but doing all that computer stuff is hard work. When they’re out in the field, Birkhoff is their lifeline.

The So-So:

  • Predictable gun-play: Killing Carla has weighed heavily on Birkhoff. He gets nervous around guns and freezes at inopportune times. This week, he couldn’t take out a security guard at Damascus’ mansion, which resulted in Nikita getting shot. So we weren’t surprised that by the end of the episode, he redeemed himself by saving her at the police station. He filled that Division agent with not one, not two but eight bullets. Overkill much?


We loved seeing Birkhoff aka Shadow Walker rise from the ashes. It’s easy to forget that he’s just as valuable as everyone else on the team, because he’s stuck behind a computer. We’re happy the writers gave credit to where credit is due. Like Nikita said, Birkhoff is “irreplaceable.”

Rating: 8/10

Nikita airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on The CW

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