It didn’t take long for Judd Apatow to segue into Dramedy, did it? The director, who launched Steve Carell and Seth Rogen into stardom with The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up, seems to want to add a little more pathos into the mix, and maybe that’s why there are no laugh out loud moments in the trailer for his upcoming film This is 40. Check out the trailer after the jump.

Oh, there are some giggles, and it looks like they brought in Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy to play, but this is very much a film about getting older. It’s a semi-sequel to Knocked Up in that Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann seem to be playing the same characters, and have the same children (Mann and Apatow’s daughters), but it’s hard to say if Jason Segal is playing the same character. Or – for that matter – if Seth Rogen or Katherine Heigl will show up (for the record, neither are listed on the IMDb, but that proves nothing).

This is a small glimpse of the film, and the way Apatow shoots, there’s no guarantee anything in the trailer will be in the film as is. This is 40 also features Megan Fox, Albert Brooks, Chris O’Dowd and Lena Dunham, so there’s likely a lot that’s not in the trailer. This looks promising, but there’s no killer moment. Because it’s a winter release, my guess is that they’re going to go for the Oscars again.

Would you like to see Judd Apatow win an Oscar?