Between a slew of new photos, as well as news that a new full trailer will premiere with screenings of The Avengers, April has been a great month for The Dark Knight Rises news junkies.  And, as if that wasn’t enough, Warner Bros. has recently released a handful of promotional art images from the upcoming superhero film, as well as a five-minute montage of new footage from the final Christopher Nolan Batman film.

First up, the promo art: in a series of new images, we see Batman fighting Bane in a snowy street fight,  Batman walking down a crumbling/burning Gotham City street, Batman speeding in the Bat-Pod (the motorcycle from The Dark Knight, and Batman scowling in front of his new vehicle, The Bat (that’s the Bat-Plane, to you).

Next up, the new footage: at the recent opening day of CinemaCon, Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. debuted a montage of new and previously released footage from the film, all set to a pounding Hans Zimmer score.  Superhero Hype was there, and has a recap:

“It opened with pretty much the same airplane hijacking scene that was showcased in the six-minute IMAX preview last December, although you could clearly understand everything Bane was saying in this case. We see Bruce Wayne back in Wayne Manor in a bathrobe and cane, clearly a broken man eight years after the events of The Dark Knight.”

It’s good to hear that the “muffled Bane” issue has been cleared up, as an unintelligible  villain probably isn’t the best follow-up to the Joker.

“We see Selina Kyle sneaking out of Wayne Manor, having been in disguise as a maid. In fact, the footage included quite a bit of the fetching Anne Hathaway both in street clothes as Selina and prowling the night as Catwoman, as well as a bit more footage of Bane walking onto the football field and setting off explosives in the middle of the play as the quarterback dodges them.”

Is your head exploding yet?  We can give you a moment to wipe the brain flecks from the screen if need be.

“We saw quite a bit of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as young rookie cop John Blake caught up in the war being waged by Bane, including a scene where he shows his shield to Selina, possibly trying to arrest her? We see lots of shots of the destruction of Gotham by Bane, as well as brief glimpses of the Batmobile, the Batpod and the new flying vehicle known as “The Bat,” throughout the carnage.  There were quite a few shots of Selina and Bruce together, but we also see Bruce kissing Marion Cotillard’s character in another shot, leaving us to try to figure out what’s going on there.”

Well, if you have any head left on top of your neck, know then that you only have three months to go: The Dark Knight Rises opens on July 20, 2012.

Will you be in line to see The Dark Knight Rises in July?