It seems that Germany is taking a page out of the Fox News playbook—the country legendary for its loose sense of humor and love of felt puppetry (OK, I’m making a lot of this up as I go) has paradoxically taken a stand against the Muppets.  Specifically, one Kermit the Frog.  And just why has Germany decided to grind the gears of governmental progress to a halt in order to bring justice to the rogue international criminal known for leading a cabal fuzzy fiends?

It turns out that, in Germany the advertising process known as “product placement” is illegal unless it is specifically identified as product placement (i.e.: In Germany, Daniel Craig can’t show up as Bond on TV, take a sip of Red Bull, and exclaim, “that’s double-0 the energy!” without first saying, “by the way, they’re paying me to swig this swill).  And, unfortunately for Mr. Frog, the puppet appeared on German TV last year and promoted The Muppets without  first warning everyone that he would be promoting The Muppets.  We’d like to stop and take a moment to remind the readers we’re talking about a puppet here.

As The AV Club notes “Kermit hosted a “Disney Day” of programming on the country’s Pro7 network (Germany: where even the names of TV channels seem Orwellian), with Kermit mentioning the upcoming theatrical release of The Muppets,” but not mentioning it was an ad (despite the fact that mentioning the release of a move is an advertisement of said movie).

Currently, Germany hasblasted Kermit’s blatant act of capitalism and charged Pro7 with breaking the law.”  It is currently unclear, however, what penalties, if any, will be incurred; further, the whereabouts of Kermit the Frog are currently unknown.

What do you think of the Muppet news?