The two biggest trends in horror are vampire movies, and found footage films. Vampires have mostly run their course as Twilight fans are sticking to their sparkly vamps. You can see the thought process that would lead to a number of Frankenstein films being developed, though, because they’re something of the same family of classic horror. And now the found footage chocolate is mixing with Frankenstein’s peanut butter for the upcoming film The Reawakening.

This is being developed by Lionsgate (home of modern horror), with the three person directing team of Radio Silence on as helmer, with a script by Luke Dawson, who wrote the instantly forgettable film Shutter. This news comes from Vulture.

The first big reaction we have is: ‘audible groan.’ Seriously, this? Found Footage – like 3-D – has a number of vocal critics, but it seems that it’s not going anywhere. And perhaps like yesterday’s reaction to Peter Jackson‘s 48fps Hobbit footage, there may be nothing we can do to stop the advancement of terrible things that don’t really work as long as they make money (though – to be fair – the jury’s still out on The Hobbit). Like 3-D, Found footage is a way for the studios to make more money by shooting on digital and can be done on a micro-budget. But – as is often the case – what’s good for making money is not always the best approach for audiences.

Would you watch Found Footage Frankenstein?