When we saw the second trailer for Pixar‘s Brave in February, it showed one scene and one scene only, giving a sense of the characters and some of the stakes. It was a bold marketing decision, and was fresh and it was exciting. Now we’ve got a trailer that seems to throw so much at the screen at once that it’s somewhate troubling.  Take a look below.

Trailers often have narratives that convince you there’s a good story being told, but that you’re only seeing a little bit of the narrative – enough to get you in the door. Whereas trailers for sequels and franchises often just offer sizzle for two and a half minutes because its audiences is pre-sold. Here, it feels like a sequel trailer, but without any context. There is a sense that the main character Merida (voiced by Kelly MacDonald) has a goofy family but is an independent woman about to be married off who instead goes on a journey. But this seems to be the trailer that sells the film’s sense of humor, which goes against much of what’s come before.

The way it’s edited, it wants to set up and pay off the dress bit. We see that Merida is put in it and that it’s important to her mother, so when she rips it, it’s probably a big scene in the film. To have that moment in a trailer is silly – it doesn’t work because we don’t know the characters or the stakes.

It’s weird that the trailer doesn’t introduce the studio until it’s almost over, which gives an awkward flow to the end. It also doesn’t bother to give a through-line to the narrative. There’s a spell, but the previous marketing has focused on the main character running into something troubling in the forest. Here there’s a shot of a bear (which seemed to be the villain) at the start acting menacing and by the end acting like friends. Perhaps the hand she’s jumping away from is the bigger clue. This trailer is a jumble, but was likely market-tested, so it may say more about how movies are sold these days than the film itself.

What do you think of this trailer?