Just in case the mysterious teaser trailer, the adrenalized full trailer, or eight minute preview of the opening scene weren’t enough, The Dark Knight Rises is getting a new full trailer—and it’s going to premiere and run with a new little flick called The Avengers.

That’s right—just in case you were thinking about skipping The Avengers until it came to Blu-Ray or Netflix, well, now you have another reason to go: the third (and, presumably, final) full trailer for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises will be running before screening of The Avengers in America.

But don’t get too excited just yet—the information about the new trailer was discovered on an official Warner Bros. exhibitor services website, which noted that the new trailer was “In Can,” which is showbiz-ese for “we strongly suggest you run this trailer with The Avengers, but we can’t force you to do it.”  Meaning, it’s up to the individual theaters to decide whether or not to run the trailer before The Avengers.  As /Film notes, The Avengers is a Disney Film, The Dark Knight Rises is a Warner Bros. film, so only Disney film ads are guaranteed a spot before The Avengers.

That said, when The Dark Knight Rises preview of new footage ran in IMAX, it was attached to Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  So perhaps we’ll be seeing some more studio cross-pollination on May 4, when The Avengers hits theaters.

What do you think about The Dark Knight Rises new info?  Will you go to The Avengers just to see the new ad?