In what would normally be a sleepy period ramping up to the big summer movies, this weekend showed big numbers from all of the new films with pack leader Think Like a Man  nearly tripling its budget. The Lucky One did well, and even Chimpanzee opened to much bigger numbers than expected. It’s true, you can have a hit any time of the year. Full numbers and analysis after the jump.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Think Like a Man
$33,000,000 $16,377 $33,000,000
2 The Lucky One $22,805,000 $7,228 $22,805,000
3 The Hunger Games $14,500,000 (-31.3%) $3,865 $356,900,000
4 Chimpanzee $10,205,000 $6,529 $10,205,000
5 The Three Stooges $9,200,000 (-45.9%) $2,642 $29,355,000
6 The Cabin in the Woods $7,750,000 (-47.4%) $2,757 $26,980,000
7 American Reunion $5,200,000 (-50.4%) $1,714 $48,300,000
8 Titanic 3D $5,000,000 (-58.1%) $1,988 $52,828,000
9 21 Jump Street $4,600,000 (-29.9%) $1,895 $127,066,000
10 Mirror Mirror $4,114,000 (-39.9%) $1,400 $55,206,000

Think Like a Man‘s numbers were somewhat unexpected, but as I said on Thursday, there haven’t been a lot of pictures for black audiences of late, and this gets a good group of hot young actors together. It turned out to be a recipe for success. Basically, you’re going to be hearing a lot about star Kevin Hart from now on, as this film’s success is going to land on his shoulders. He’s got a buddy cop comedy coming up with Seth Rogen, and he also makes an appearance in next week’s The Five Year Engagement.

The Lucky One also used an off weekend to make some decent coin. You can see how it halved Titanic‘s grosses, so it got its female audience. You add Zac Efron in with Nicholas Sparks, and you make money. But expect both it and Man to fall off pretty quickly. Chimpanzee‘s success has a lot to do with Disney. They’ve picked a weekend to release their nature documentaries, and you deliver them year after year. Eventually you build an audience. Well played.

The Hunger Games is now the 19th highest grossing film of all time, and is well over a half a billion worldwide. At this point getting to $400 seems unlikely, though that was a great hold for the weekend. It should be near $370 Million by the end of next weekend.

This weekend also makes The Three Stooges and The Cabin in the Woods look like also-rans. Both will finish out their runs at or under $50 Million, though Cabin‘s hold is a minor miracle in the horror business, which is usually driven by opening weekends. Word of mouth worked for that film to some degree, whereas WOM worked against American Reunion, which has done nothing but drop steadily since release.

Reality Check: So, so wrong. Though I did say that I thought Think Like a Man could be a spoiler, I didn’t use those numbers. Went low on The Lucky One, and everything else was about right, though I didn’t think Chimpanzee would crack $7 Million.

What did you watch this weekend?