What’s done in the dark will always come to the light. That statement perfectly describes this week’s episode of Nikita entitled, “Wrath.” It’s all about paying the price for past transgressions. Misdeeds always come back to haunt you, whether they’re in the form of memories or in Nikita’s case, a person.

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The Players

  • Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt
  • Writer: Albert Kim
  • Cast: Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca Aaron Stanford, Melinda Clarke (credit only), Xander Berkeley, Dillon Casey, Rick Ravanello

Episode Title: “Wrath”

One of Nikita’s old foes, arms dealer Nicholas Brandt (guest star Rick Ravanello), returns with a score to settle. He strikes a deal with Percy, who helps him track down Nikita in exchange for some plutonium (a radioactive chemical). They get her attention (by killing Senator Madeline Pierce), set a trap and before you know it, Brandt is holding Nikita prisoner in the basement of an abandoned house. Why? Because he wants her to suffer for the terrible things she did to him five years ago. It was back when Nikita was Division, and Brandt was their prisoner.

The Good:

  • You have evil in you: We’re not sure if it was the electric shock or the verbal torment but Nikita went crazy for a good 10 minutes this week. Brandt wanted her to feel remorseful about what she did to him, but Nikita wouldn’t crack. And when he brought out the big guns (Michael as a hostage), she got even more aggressive. No one was safe. She bit Michael’s head off calling him selfish, stupid and a son of a bitch! Dark Nikita is intriguing. Very scary, but still intriguing.
  • Sean executes Brandt: Thank God Sean and Alex came to Nikita and Michael’s rescue. We couldn’t take anymore of Brandt’s whining. Nikita wouldn’t budge, and they were at a standstill. Sean brought down the hammer, when he shot Brandt in the chest and the head. That’s what happens when you murder a man’s mother and chalk it up as collateral damage.
  • You don’t love yourself: At the end of the episode, Nikita quickly apologized to Michael about all the hurtful things she said to him in the basement. She didn’t know why she did it. Michael replied, “I know it’s not because you don’t love me. It’s because you don’t love yourself.” Isn’t that what it always comes down to? Nikita can hurt or kill as many people as she wants, but if she can’t accept the person in the mirror, she’ll never truly win.
  • Alex has your back: We love how close Alex and Sean have gotten. After Senator Pierce’s death (click click boom), Alex wanted Sean to have time to mourn. After he got his revenge on Brandt, watching them hold hands over his mom’s grave was a sweet and heartbreaking moment.
  • The Birkhoff /Percy exchange: There wasn’t a lot of Birkhoff this week, but he made the most of his screentime. When Percy contacted him looking for Michael, his reaction was, “Oh God, Percy can’t you just die already?” Classic Birkhoff.

The So-So:

  • Plutonium: Whenever Percy spoke about getting his hands on plutonium, we got a Lex Luthor-Superman vibe. We understand its appeal and what it’s used for, but it seemed like such a cartoonish motivation. The threat of nuclear war has been done so many times. We personally like the black box storyline better.


This week’s episode left us emotionally raw. Once again, Maggie Q proved that she’s more than just an action star. And she wasn’t the only one. Shane West went toe to toe with her in every scene, and Dillon Casey did a great job with Sean reeling from his mother’s death. Kudos to everyone!

Rating: 9.5/10

Nikita airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on The CW

What did you guys think of this week’s episode of Nikita?