Steve Harvey’s best selling book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, has been adapted into a gut-busting romantic comedy, Think Like a Man that’s perfect for a date or girl’s night out. The movie features a super-talented ensemble cast and five different love stories that are well-balanced and fleshed out. Add to that a crackling good wit and you have one incredibly fun night at the movies.

The Players

The Plot

Five male friends have their lives turned upside down when the women they date discover Steve Harvey’s relationship advice book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. When these women take the advice they find in the book, the men are at first dumbfounded, but when they find out the reason for this sudden change in female behavior, they decide to use Mr. Harvey’s words against the ladies.

The Good

  • Tears: You’ll laugh so hard you’ll cry, and not from pratfalls or fart jokes. The funny comes from zingers in the dialogue that are snappy, witty, and, best of all, true to life. The men and women in this movie are smart, sassy and speak like they’re actually friends with one another – not like they’re reading lines or trying to advance the plot. It’s truly a breath of fresh air.
  • Ensemble Cast: Without a doubt, those aforementioned zingers wouldn’t have worked without a phenomenal cast, and truly, the cast was phenomenal, but out of the whole group, two actors really shined – Romany Malco and Gabrielle Union.
  • Romany Malco (The 40 Year Old Virgin): was Zeke, a smooth talking womanizer who falls for Mya (Meagan Good), a girl who has decided she’s going to wait 90 days to give Zeke her “cookie.” Not only did Malco hilariously deliver his quips in his signature fast-talking style, but he gave dimension to a character who could easily be one dimensional. For example, Malco showed flashes of sensitivity and doubt while discussing the ludicrous nature of the 90 day rule with his buddies – that wasn’t written into the script, but you can read it all over his face.
  • Gabrielle Union: played Kristen, the long term girlfriend of a guy who won’t commit (an incredibly slim Jerry Ferrara). She incorporates nerdiness with sweetness and femininity in a way that makes her incredibly relatable and real. Her character isn’t the most flashy, but she is the one with whom you’d most like to grab a drink and gossip.
  • The Token White Guy: Let’s not beat around the bush, the cast of this movie is largely African-American. The “Token Black Guy” is (unintentionally) a staple character in a lot of romantic comedies and teen movies, whose job is, according to Not Another Teen Movie, “to smile and stay out of the conversation and say things like “that is whack!” The writers flipped the script here with guffaw-inducing results. Gary Owen as Bennett was pasty as all get out, spoke in a Poindexter voice and constantly misunderstood and misappropriated parts of African-American culture. This unexpected satire begs only one question – why didn’t someone think of this sooner?

The Bad

  • The 4th Wall: There were times when Steve Harvey would show up on screen and explain points of his book directly to the audience. It felt like suddenly diving into a lecture. The writers should have watched Two Can Play That Game so Vivica Fox could show them how breaking the fourth wall is done.
  • Cover Shots: The amount of cover shots of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, combined with the fourth wall demolition, made this movie feel a bit like an infomercial at times. The audience ended up laughing (and not in a good way) at a certain point, as if to say, “Enough! We get that this movie is based on this book!”
  • Score: When the soundtrack contained actual songs, they were well-matched to the moment, but when the score kicked in, it became a distraction. Incidental music played over almost every scene for no real reason. The directors have a witty, touching, well-acted movie. There’s no need to run it over with music.


Despite a few flaws, Think Like a Man is a refreshing romantic comedy – emphasis on comedy. The cast is all-around excellent, with great chemistry between the romantic pairings as well as the platonic friends. It contains plenty of pop culture references, but its hipness won’t preclude it from becoming timeless. This is one of those movies you watch in the theatre with your significant other or your friends, and then pop it in your DVD player when you need a good pick me up. It’s not Oscar material, but it’s fun, funny, well-written, and has a good heart. This is a movie to see in theatres if for no other reason than to share laugh after laugh with a couple hundred of your nearest and dearest.

Rating: 9/10

Think Like a Man is out in theaters starting today, April 20th!


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Written by Guest Writer Paige Feldman