Though it’s hard to compare the individual films, Leonardo DiCaprio is getting closer to Robert De Niro‘s record for working with Martin Scorsese. Today it was announced that Scorsese and DiCaprio will be teaming up for the fifth time to make The Wolf of Wall Street, which will begin shooting this August.

This news comes from Deadline, and it’s always good when we hear about a new Scorsese film. Though the master may be getting up there in age, he’s still got it, and showed a lot of energy and enthusiasm with his last film Hugo, which won a number of technical Oscars and had the most nominations that year – which is about as exciting as a good rebounding record.

The only way this material could be more timely is if it were made last year, as it chronicles a hard partying Wall Street multimillionaire, who will surely be partly blamed for the financial mess America is currently in. The Wolf of Wall Street should be a strong Oscar picture for 2014.

And for the record, De Niro and Scorsese worked together eight times from 1973′s seminal Mean Streets to 1995′s Casino. It would be great to see them re-team here, though no additional casting was announced. But for connective tissue it’s worth noting DiCaprio and De Niro worked together in 1993′s  This Boy’s Life and in 1996′s Marvin’s Room. DiCaprio and Scorsese’s first film together was the troubled 2002 film Gangs of New York, which they followed with 2004′s The Aviator, 2006′s best picture winner The Departed, and 2010′s Shutter Island. In fact, Hugo was the first non-documentary that Scorsese has made without DiCaprio in over a decade. Their relationship has never felt as organic as Scorsese’s did with De Niro (how could it?), partly because DiCaprio has often been one of the main reasons that those films got financed. But it’s been artistically productive, regardless.

Who would you want to see in The Wolf of Wall Street?