What a disappointment. This episode was another snoozer, in what seems like a never-ending conveyor belt of ANTM left-overs. Tyra tasks the remaining ladies with creating an anti-bullying public service announcement. Singer Estelle joins the competitors while modeling as living art during an extravagant dinner party. Will the models flourish or flounder when presented with a table full of food? Find out who gets kicked off this week on America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion.

The Players:

  • Judges: Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, Kelly Cutrone, Estelle
  • Cast: Alisha, Annaliese, Catherine, Eboni, Kyle, Laura, Seymone, Sophie

Episode Title: “Estelle”

The girls’ challenge is to create a two-minute PSA for Tyra Banks’ anti-bullying campaign. Each of the models is paired with a young girl that stars in the campaign with them. The British team wins the challenge, and they each receive a personal message from home. The girls have a photo shoot at a huge Bel Air mansion where they act as art installations at a party. Each photo features one girl in the front with two other models and Estelle. Sophie gets best photo; Kyle gets sent home.

The Good:

  • Potato Party: Models eat?! Apparently they do and Kyle and Seymone prove it by having a “potato party” where they both sit in bed and eat from a ginormous bowl of mashed potatoes. Good for you? Maybe not, but as the girl who ate a triple chocolate brownie while watching America’s Next Top Model, I totally approve of this sort of behavior.
  • Food fight: While on the topics of food, why not talk about one of the only redeeming moments of the show when Seymone smashes pie in Alisha’s face during her photo shoot. This was quite possibly the only moment when something “fun” happened in the show.
  • Butt pads: She may love a good old fashioned “potato party,” but she’s still got no bootie. Kyle creates an uproar amongst the other girls because she has no ass and gets a fake “bootie tooch” for her photo shoot. Because apparently, it’s really hard to do the tooch when you don’t have a bootie.

The Bad:

  • Laura: Laura‘s attitude is probably one of the top factors that is beginning to make this show unwatchable. She bitches and complains about everything, which gets really old in the span of this 60-minute show.
  • Long way from the top: After getting best performance last week, audience favorite Alisha was in the bottom two for her photo. The judges said the only reason she didn’t get sent home was because of her background work in the other models’ photos, but she has some downright fierce smizing and bootie tooching going on in her photo.
  • Estelle: This season has been pretty low on the “celebrity judge” scale, but Estelle was by far the most boring by far. She had very little to contribute to girls’ photo shoot and even less to say at the judging panel.

The Quotable:

  • “Your inner beauty can’t be bullied.” – Random little girl who was bullied and made me want to cry.
  • “There’s no excuse for my tooch to not be tooched correctly. Because Tyra has taught me the way. So I’m gonna give them some booty booty; some toochie fruity.” – Alisha
  • “The art of the bootie tooch…you have me looking at your bootie.” – Tyra Banks
  • “This is more of a smize than a tooch shot.” – Nigel Barker
  • “She is a background smizer.” – Tyra Banks


With a lack of new material they keep falling back on “reality TV gimmicks” that make the show more boring than last seasons make-overs. At the end of the show, audiences can’t help but wonder if America’s Next Top Model should have ended a long time ago?

Rating: 4/10

America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion airs Wednesday nights at 9:00pm on the CW.

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