It’s Latin night on Dancing with the Stars, and after Sherri and Val’s shocking elimination last week, the nine remaining celebs are “shaking it” hardcore to stay in the competition.  Let’s also take this time to mentally prepare for the multiple Carlos Santana performances we are about to hear.

The Players:

  • Stars: Katherine Jenkins, Jaleel White, Melissa Gilbert,  Donald Driver,  Gladys Knight,  William Levy,  Roshon Fegan,  Maria Menounos & Gavin DeGraw
  • Dancers: Mark Ballas,  Kym Johnson, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Peta Murgatroyd, Tristan MacManus, Cheryl Burke, Chelsie Hightower,  Derek Hough & Karina Smirnoff

Jaleel & Kym:

After a couple of weeks of inconsistent scores, Jaleel needs to really “shake his booty” for the Samba, but first he wants us all to know that he “needs to get a jockstrap.”  Jaleel and Kym’s Samba is average (especially compared to the giant fire pit that’s in the background), with Kym doing most of the heavy lifting. However, Len calls it “a great start to the show” and compares “his bum” to taffy.  Judges’ Score: 24.

Melissa & Maks: 

Last week, Melissa got whiplash and a mild concussion during her performance.  Luckily, she’s doing better; however,  Maks further injured his reputation by getting the worst spray tan in DWTS  history (yes, it’s that bad). The first half of their Samba is a bit of a disaster until Maks mimes playing the bongos on her butt.  At this point, Melissa seems to wake up and start dancing, but her timing never seems right.  Bruno and Carrie Ann both think the dance “lacked control” and Len says, “There was some excellent good parts, and parts that weren’t so good.” Judges’ Score: 21.


Maria & Derek:

During rehearsal Maria “injured her chin,” but at least she doesn’t break any bones this week – a small DWTS milestone for her.  Their Salsa starts with some “crowd interaction,” meaning Maria gives Dr. Drew a lap dance, who, with all the injuries this season, is basically scouting future pain killer addicts for  Celebrity Rehab.  The awkwardness continues when Derek loses his shirt and then kisses Maria in the middle of the dance, which I guess is supposed to add to the romance rumors?  Carrie Ann thinks the kiss was “a sellout.” Len isn’t impressed with Derek’s body, but is “impressed with Maria’s talent.”  Bruno says, “It’s saucy and hot, just the way I like it.” Judges’ Score: 27.

Katherine & Mark:

Katherine and Mark hope to reclaim the top spot with their Argentine Tango, even if it means Katherine kicking Mark in his “naughty bits” for most of rehearsal.  Ballas busts out the props for their routine and it pays off.  Katherine and Mark deliver the best performance of the night, by far.  Len compares the dance to a rose and Bruno says, “It was played to perfection.”  Carrie Ann calls it “poetry in motion.” Judges’ Score: 29.

Gavin & Karina:

Gavin and Karina want to avoid the bottom two again, so Gavin has incorporated begging his fans to vote for him into his concert setlists.  But let’s face it, if you’re paying for a Gavin DeGraw concert, you’re probably already voting for him on DWTS, right?  Unfortunately the best thing about Gavin and Karina’s Samba is the fake canoe he rides in on, or should I say “sails.” Bruno compares the dance to “tropical fever”’ but says he “enjoyed it.”  Carrie Ann says, “It was hard to tell it was a Samba” and Len calls it “more of a Shamba than a Samba.” Let’s hope Gavin’s sweet personality and his grass roots concert campaign gets him enough votes to stick around another week.  Judges’ Score: 19.

William & Cheryl:

Ballroom heartthrob, William, is ready to redeem himself after last week’s rock and roll debacle. Despite dancing to a Pussycat Dolls song, their Argentine Tango is a MAJOR improvement. Carrie Ann calls him “the Latin dancing James Bond” and Bruno stands up and incoherently praises their performance.  Judges’ Score: 29.

Gladys & Tristan:

The footage of Gladys and Tristan “rehearsing on the road” confirms that they are the cutest couple to grace the ballroom. Gladys holds her own and makes her routine look more like an actual Samba than Gavin does, and let’s not forget how much younger Gavin is.  Len calls it, “Simple, but effective” and Bruno says she has “incredible stage presence.”  Carrie Ann “loves watching her dance.” Judges’ Score: 22.

Roshon & Chelsie:

I have yet to feel any emotional attachment to Disney star Roshon, which isn’t good considering even that Cheetah girl became likable by week three. After last week’s near elimination, it’s probably safe to say America feels the same way. However, Roshon does his best to Salsa his way into America’s hearts and delivers a solid performance.  Bruno says he’s “wired for Salsa” and Carrie Ann says, “You were sexy in a Disney way,” which is creepy. Judges’ Score: 26.

Donald & Peta:

Hoping to remain at the top of the leader board, Donald returns to the ballroom with an incredible Argentine Tango.  Carrie Ann says, “You were just in control all over that Argentine Tango.”  Len loves the lifts, but not the rest of the performance and Bruno says, “Overall, a fantastic job.” Judges’ Score: 27.


Latin night doesn’t disappoint in delivering decent performances across the board, however, the Argentine Tangos are all are exceptional.  During tonight’s results show, the bottom two will have a dance off, with the judges having final say over who will be eliminated.  Based on the performances and past voting patterns, Roshon and Gavin will most likely be the bottom two, with Gavin being sent  home.

Rating: 9/10

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays & Tuesdays on ABC.

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