Alec Baldwin isn’t exactly known as the most reliable source of information on the longevity of 30 Rock, the NBC comedy in which he stars, as the actor has frequently mused and Tweeted that each new season for the show would be either its, or his, last for NBC.  In fact, just this time last year, the famously cantankerous star came under fire for announcing that 30 Rock was over.  And in keeping with this annual tradition, the actor has once again announced that 30 Rock is ending, this time in the Spring of 2013.

After noting in 2011 that the Rock was coming to an end during contraction expirations, 2011 came and went with a sixth season of the show.  However, Baldwin is at it again, now announcing that he has signed on to appear in 30 Rock’s seventh season (which will run from Fall of 2012 into May of 2013)… and he also let it slip that the upcoming season will be the final one.

While we’ve heard this before from Baldwin, 30 Rock is starting to get up there in terms of TV years (seven seasons is a decent stretch for any program, let alone a sitcom); moreover, NBC has interestingly remained “mum” as to whether or not they are going to renew 30 Rock after next year.

Might Baldwin actually be right (for once)?  Only time, and his humorously bitchy Twitter, will tell.

What do you think of the 30 Rock news?

Source:  The Washington Post