We’re living in a strange era of the movie trailer—in an effort to boost hype and gain attention, ad companies and movie studios are coming up an increasingly bizarre series of attempts to make the movie trailer more interesting.  Some are successful (like the backwards trailer for The House at the End of the Street); some are not (just about every “trailer for the trailer” ever).  The teaser for Looper (itself pretty cool) not only has a series of behind the scenes previews leading up to its premiere last week, it now has a director’s commentary by Rian Johnson.

That’s right, a two-minute trailer has an audio commentary, which is more than a little ridiculous.  That said, it’s easy to forgive such an annoying marketing gimmick as, well, Looper looks like one of the most interesting action/thriller films of the year.

In Looper, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a “Looper”—an assassin who murders people sent back in time to be assassinated, which eliminates any evidence in the future.  Things get a little complicated, however, when Gordon-Levitt is tasked with killing his future self (Bruce Willis).

In the commentary, which has a surprising amount of quiet lulls for an audio track that’s only two minutes long, Johnson discusses the “grounded in reality” look of his time-twisting sci-fi film, as well as the subtle makeup prostheses used to make Gordon-Levitt resemble a young Bruce Willis (it’s a little freaky).

So, what do you make of the commentary track for the trailer—is it a useful, interesting tool to learn more about the film, or does it come off as a pointless, and not entirely illuminating, marketing gimmick?  Whatever the end result, we’re still excited about Looper—the novel concept, coupled with the artists involved, make it high on our Must See in 2012 list.

Looper will be released in the U.S. on September 28.


What do you think of the trailer?

Source:  MTV Movies