What with all the rumbling due to the ever-nearer Avengers release in May, as well as the new pictures from The Dark Knight Rises, you’d almost be forgiven for forgetting that a certain wall-crawler has a new reboot out this summer… which is why Sony picked the perfect moment to release the final one-sheet for The Amazing Spider-Man today, just to remind us that their web-slinger will be entering the superhero fray in Summer 2012.

Nothing too shocking is revealed here (But then, you didn’t really expect any major spoilers did you?  Although, one hopes we’ll get some kind of warning if there’s going to be a emo-Spidey like last time)—instead we get some bold imagery that hints at events to come.  Spider-Man appears to be bound within his own webbing (caught in a mess of his own making, perhaps?) and sporting some slashes across his chest, with are likely courtesy of the film’s villain, The Lizard.

Oh, and of course, the poster mentions that the film is the latest to be treated in 3D.  While the three dimensions trend got old long ago, the 3D scenes at preview screening we attended earlier this year were pretty solid and entertaining.  Hopefully, it works for the film’s full two hours and change running time.

The Amazing Spider-Man is set for a July 3 release—will you be attending?

Source: /Film