This week on Khloe & LamarKhloe struggles with “the pressure” to have a baby with Lamar.  As if the media attention isn’t enough, Khloe talks to Lamar’s grandmother on the phone, and the grandmother demands, “So when are you all going to give me a grandbaby?”  The last time I checked, Lamar already has two kids…

The Players:

  • Cast: Khloe Kardashian Odom, Lamar Odom, Rob Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Malika Haqq, and Khadijah Haqq

Episode Title: Under Pressure

Meanwhile, Lamar is still “struggling” with his transition to the Dallas Mavericks.  Enough, Lamar, it’s not like you’ve started playing hockey. It’s still basketball.

With Lamar at practice all day, poor Khloe is “all alone” in her penthouse apartment so she is really excited for Kim to visit.  Khloe picks Kim up at the airport and fills her in on Lamar’s downward spiral.  Kim asks, “If he’s so depressed, why did he request to leave LA?”  I never thought I’d have the same question as Kim, but the girl has a point.

Kim and Khloe arrive at the hotel and eat an orange.  Kim modestly points out that she is the first person to visit Khloe in Dallas and Khloe reminds her that she was an evil b*tch for the 72 days she was married and that Kim “owes her this trip.”  Let’s settle this right now: You’re both terrible.

Khloe brings up the baby rumors surrounding her and Lamar and Kim flat out ask if she is jealous of Kourtney being pregnant again.  Khloe says she’s not jealous but she doesn’t understand how Kourtney got pregnant because she “never has sex.”  I don’t want to get the rumor mill churning, but is Khloe implying that Kourtney is carrying the Second Coming?

At Lamar’s basketball game he’s spending a lot of time on the bench.  Lamar arrives home and gets an email from Lakers coach Phil Jackson asking if he is hurt because he hasn’t seen him playing.  Lamar gets upset and throws a pair of headphones.

Khloe and Kim eat salads for lunch and talk about Lamar’s mental health.  Khloe thinks he never properly dealt with the death of his son and cousin and has internalized it all.  Khloe says, “Lamar, I don’t think, realizes what’s really bothering him.”  On a non-serious side note, in this scene Kim’s lips look like they’ve just been injected with 10 pounds of silicon and it’s disgusting.

Back at the apartment, Kim eats a bowl of cereal and Khloe reads a letter from a menopausal woman offering to be a surrogate for Khloe (that just makes me sad on so many levels).  Khloe feels pressured by everyone to have a baby, but Khloe needs to know that not everyone wants her to reproduce.

At dinner with Khloe, Lamar, and Kim and once again ask why Lamar is talking about being in a dark place over the trade.  Khloe brings up Kim asking about “jealousy” over Kourtney being pregnant and Lamar admits that he was.  Now Khloe is upset.

Kim and Khloe go to the Dallas aquarium because they want to be “tourists.”  While in front of a half black, half white swan (yes I’m serious), Kim brings up in vitro.  Khloe is frustrated that everyone “has their two cents” and thinks that when she “is away from everyone f*cking stressing her out everyday, maybe a baby would pop up.” Now Khloe is irritated that Kim “came to Dallas to give her s*it about being pregnant” and she yells at her in the car.

At the apartment Khloe calls Kourtney and vents about Kim and the baby situation.  Kourtney surprisingly defends Kim and says, “I don’t think Kim is trying to make you feel bad…I’m sure she’s just trying to help.”  Khloe admits that she “just snapped” under the pressure (it is the title of the episode).

Khloe and Kim go to the Mavericks game and Khloe apologizes to Kim for freaking out.  Also, Lamar finally makes a basket.   Basically, the takeaway from this week’s episode is getting traded and getting pregnant are two very difficult things.  Unfortunately, it took 30 minutes of the same conversation over and over again to reach that conclusion.

Next week, Lamar has an “emotional homecoming” at his first game against the Lakers and Jamie is still trying to get Lakers tickets.

Rating: 5/10

Khloe & Lamar airs Sunday nights on E! 

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