After all the production difficulties and delays, it’s still a surprise to know that Gore Verbinski‘s The Lone Ranger is actually shooting. But now there’s evidence that it’s going forward, and it comes in a picture taken on set with Johnny Depp in his costume for the film. He’s playing Tonto, and they’re in the midst of filming.

This picture comes (obviously) from Badass Digest, and congrats to Devin Faraci for finding it. We’d seen an earlier still where Depp was wearing a crow’s hat, but this gives another look at Depp in the film, and it suggests that he’s going to be hiding his looks as much as possible. There’s something to that; you see a lot of good looking actors who like playing freaks because it’s freeing. Depp is no stranger to heavy costuming, from Edward Scissorhands to Captain Jack Sparrow, it’s obvious that Depp likes to get into extreme looks that favor the pale. It’s something he also did for this summer’s Dark Shadows.

Hopefully the delays on this production mean that they beat the script into shape. Originally the movie was considered cost-prohibitive, but Verbisnki and company cut the budget down from $260 Million to $215 Million. Often reporting these numbers make the budgets seem imaginary.

Are you excited for The Lone Ranger?