The Three Stooges and The Cabin in the Woods aren’t your only new options for the weekend – Guy Pearce is hitting the big screen with Lockout, a high-concept thriller about a convict who goes on a suicide mission into space to rescue the president’s daughter from a futuristic Alcatraz-style prison. (Whoa, that was a mouthful.) We’ve gathered a bunch of reactions/reviews from critics to help you decide if this sci-fi ride is right for you.

The Good:


Pearce’s is always a welcome face to see on-screen, but in Lockout he gets the rare opportunity to be funny. And he is, in the style of a deadpan, wisecracking ’80s action hero…

Film Equals:

Lockout is also James Mather’s feature film directorial debut and he does an excellent job. He brings the action sequences alive with some really cool shots…it’s a fun sci-fi ride.

The So-So:


You can tell they had no money whatsoever, and they’re trying to create future cities and space stations and spaceships. It’s sort of endearing when the film devolves into video game cutscenes from 10 years ago, because it reinforces the “retro” feeling.

Film Rant:

It’s not the most visually-stunning movie in the genre and definitely has a “budget” look at times; however, the project ultimately succeeds as a result of Pearce – who delivers an enjoyable, albeit snide, performance as government agent-turned-one-man-army, Snow.

The Ugly:


“Lockout,” with its on-the-cheap special effects and childish stabs at futuristic worldbuilding, needs to be far more ambitious to even come close to working.

Cinema Blend:

With a plot cribbed so closely from Escape From New York and such a frequent disregard for character motivation, logic or even the laws of gravity, Lockout is pure schlock in the usual Besson mode, but it never picks up enough steam to turn into something outrageous and great.

So there you have it: Good acting, but poor special effects. Do you care?

Will you watch Lockout?