One thing became very clear last night – Troy and Abed are back to being TV’s most dynamic duo. Cheers! Community returned to normalcy this week. The whole gang gathered around the study table where Pierce whined about never having a best friend in the group, and Britta shared another unsuccessful relationship story. Let’s go over ‘Origins of Vampire Mythology’.

The Players:

The Plot:

Britta’s old flame “Blade” (Kirk Fox) returns to town with the traveling carnival; she confesses to the group that she needs their help to stay away from him. While Annie, Troy and Abed scheme to keep her occupied and away from Blade, Jeff and Shirley head to the carnival to get a look at the mystery man. Meanwhile, Dean Laybourne (John Goodman) enlists the help of Dean Pelton to convince Troy to join the Air Conditioning Repair Annex.

The Good:

  • Romantic Developments: The Troy/Britta romance isn’t over just yet. Last night we were reminded of Troy’s affection for Britta. Nothing was really said or done, it was just one brief look that the two shared, but that said it all; Troy still has feelings for Britta, and maybe she does too?
  • Dean Pelton: Deal Pelton is constantly bringing in the laughs. He’s a scene stealer. Last night, he tried to persuade Troy to join Laybourne’s air conditioning repair school, but made little success because everyone was preoccupied with Britta. Still, he showed up at Troy, Abed and Annie’s apartment bearing chips and in pajamas. Naturally everyone kept asking what he was doing there. Even if he didn’t do much during those scenes with Britta and the rest of the gang, it’s great to know he’s there.
  • Blade References: Britta’s ex-boyfriend gave way for a lot of Blade references. When she first “revealed” the name to her peers, they all laughed at her for having dated a guy named after a kick-boxing vampire movie. Troy and Abed went crazy with the name and got the sudden urge to watch the New Line Cinema film.
  • Jeff/Shirley: Jeff and Shirley rarely spend any time together, but when they do, it’s pretty sweet. Shirley is one of the few people that gets Jeff. She always brings out a different, sweeter side of him, and snaps him back into reality when needed.

The Bad:

  • A New Best Friend: Sadly, I’m beginning to see why Chevy Chase is so angry at Dan Harmon. His character’s storyline with Chang was painfully unfunny. Basically, Pierce and Chang set out to build a friendship while spending time at the carnival, but there’s no real bonding or even dialogue. Most of the episode is spent on Britta’s obsession with Blade or Jeff’s ego. In the end, we get a boring montage of Pierce and Chang bonding and disbanding.

The Quotable:

  • “She has the King Arthur of bad taste in men.”
  • “You are a lying junkie.”
  • “She was born in the 80s. She still uses her phone as phone.”
  • “She’s whipped by imaginary douche bag.”
  • “Why do you want to know the secret to making a woman psycho?”


So tonight’s episode of Community wasn’t some high-concept mockumentary like “Pillows and Blankets“. So what? It would be exhausting to watch/make a show like that every week. And episodes like these make us appreciate the high-concept episodes a lot more. Plus, we still got some proper laughs and more importantly, character-bonding.

Rating: 7.5/10

“Community” airs Thursdays nights at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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