We’re ramping up into full on geek more here at ScreenCrave, as six—count ‘em, six—new images from The Dark Knight Rises have just been released via Entertainment Weekly.  Want to see Batman playing on what looks like a high-tech iPad (a BatPat?… ugh, forgive me), Bane crashing a stock exchange, Bruce Wayne with graying hair (TDKR takes place eight years after the events in The Dark Knight), or Catwoman in full uniform?  We’ve got ‘em all after the jump—same Bat time, same Bat ch—ugh, again, seriously, forgive me.

This week’s Entertainment Weekly is doing an entire feature on the new (and final) Christopher Nolan Batman film—in addition to the new pictures, the magazine also has interviews with cast and crew.   In it, Nolan describes the villains Bane and Catwoman thusly:

[Bane] represents formidable physical strength, combined with absolute evil of intention. [Selina Kyle] has a very strong way of protecting herself and those she cares about, which implies an underlying darkness.

While much of the film’s plot remains a mystery (only the barest sketches of the storyline have been revealed—mysterious terrorist Bane arrives to destroy Gotham, driving Bruce Wayne to return as Batman after going into hiding eight years earlier, after the events of The Dark Knight), The Dark Knight Rises is shaping up to be audience-pleasing, critical darling blockbuster of the summer—seriously, with Nolan at the helm, what else could it be?

What do you think of the new images?

Source: Batman News