On this week’s ScreenCrave Movie Show Podcast, Michael Benedict and Kit Bowen discuss The Three Stooges–does the reboot of the classic slapstick comedy team work, or fall flat on its face?  Then, Bowen discussed the new horror film The Cabin in the Woods, while Amy and Nancy Harrington take on the Josh Hutcherson vehicle Detention, calling it a cross between Scream, The Breakfast Club, and about a dozen other ’80s and ’90s flicks. Finally, we interview Valerie Weiss, the director of the new indie film Losing Control, about a Harvard scientist searching for “Mr. Right.”

Weiss, who holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from Harvard herself, made Losing Control as a comedy that was loosely based off her own experiences slaving away in the lab. The film stars Miranda Kent as Samantha, a woman who rebuffs her boyfriend’s marriage proposal, and decides to conduct a series of one night stands to determine if he’s really the “one” for her. Weiss sat down and spoke with us about her new film, which opens in Los Angeles on Friday, April 13. For more information on the movie’s showtimes and locations, go here.

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