How do you solve a problem like the Justice League? It’s no secret that fans of the superhero team have been yearning for a big screen adaptation. But Warner Bros. has delayed a live-action film more times than we can count. With Marvel’s The Avengers hitting theaters this summer, we can’t help but wonder–what’s the holdup with the next superhero collaboration? Director Joss Whedon has an idea of where DC Comics and Warner Bros. may be going wrong.

This afternoon, the cast and crew of The Avengers participated in a press conference promoting their superhero extravaganza. During the event, a journalist asked Whedon a pretty intriguing question: “What advice would you give Warner Bros. on getting their Justice League movie going?”

Joss Whedon: It’s enormously difficult to take very disparate characters and make them work. And DC has a harder time with it than Marvel because their characters are from a bygone era. Their characters were bigger than we were. They’ve amended that but Marvel really cracked the code in terms of ‘Oh, they’re just like us.’ A dose of that sort of veracity that Marvel really started with Iron Man, I think you need to use that as a base.

Do you agree with Whedon’s sentiment? Does the size of the characters keep audiences from relating or accepting them on the big screen? To be fair, not every Justice League member is an intergalactic being. Batman, Green Arrow, Black Canary and the Flash are pretty relatable on a human level. But for some reason, the WB still can’t get their act together.

What do you think is holding the Justice League back?