With its May 4 release date fast approaching, it seems like we’re going to get a new clip or ad from The Avengers every day until the film comes out. The latest has Robert Downey Jr. squaring up against Tom Hiddleston’s Loki as he summarizes what his team of players can do to protect or possibly avenge the Earth.

What’s interesting about this clip is that it takes a scene that has been used for a number of the film’s ads and gives it context.  This is not the super flippant Tony Stark (he’s only moderately flippant), but in context it seems that it’s a completely different conversation. Stark is trying to buy some time, and looks to be slightly outgunned. It also sets up what looks to be the crux of the narrative:

What’s new-ish here is that The Avengers is a team that is going to get together to face Loki and lose poorly – at least to start with. Which means this clip also reveals some of the structure of the movie, how it’s going to build to its third act. It also suggests that much of the advertising – with the team fighting in the middle of downtown New York – is from the big third act climax as Loki mentions that he’s waiting for his army to show up.

The trailers have also shown a big forest brawl, perhaps that’s part of the first (losing) encounter, but it could also suggests that at least one of the film’s big action set pieces hasn’t been put into the trailer footage. The film’s first press screening is tonight, and it’s likely if word is good, reviews (either full-length or from Twitter) will be hitting shortly.

Are you excited or over-hyped for The Avengers?