Curious as to the plot of Pixar’s newest winner, Brave?  The production company has eschewed the hyper trendy and annoying habit of releasing a trailer for a trailer; instead, they’ve released a teaser “featurette” that strings together scenes from the film, while the main character, Merida, provides a commentary.  Check out the video below.

In the film, Kelly MacDonald plays Merida, a gifted archer who happens to be the daughter of Scotland’s King Fergus (Billy Connolly) and Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson).  A rebel, Merida insists on living her own life, and in doing do ignores the age-old customs of her land, and accidentally unleashes chaos upon her family’s kingdom—at which point Merida must use true bravery to face the consequences of her actions.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Brave, however, is that it features Pixar’s first female protagonist, and appears to be a rallying cry for the empowerment of young women.  Also notable is the more serious tone of the film—Brave seems less a comic animated film and more of a character study with a few humorous moments.  How accurately that description applies to the rest of the film remains to be seen; Brave will hit theaters on June 22.

What do you think of the featurette?