The incredibly, just plain obviously bad idea of reimagining the classic Three Stooges for the 21st Century continues to sink even deeper to the pond-scummy backwash that sloshes around the bottom of the pop cultural barrel—by visiting the WWE.  That’s right, the new Three Stooges (soon to join New Coke in the annals of bad ‘New’ reboots) paid a visit to WWE Raw on Monday night, interacted with a crude Italian stereotype, performed for an audience of amusingly perplexed WWE fans, and were then booed by a disinterested audience.  Check out the video below.

It’s a reaction that the new Stooges should probably get used to, as the Farrelly Brothers’ The Three Stooges film that opens this week simply cannot do well (I mean, there has to be some law of physics that prevents people from entering a multi-plex containing a Three Stooges reboot, right?), and hearing audiences almost nonchalantly boo is a noise the Farrelly’s and company are likely to be hearing a lot of.

Who would have thought that a WWE audience would have been irritated by a couple of actors they’ve never heard of pretending to be the Three Stooges and showing up to a ‘sporting’ event that the audience paid to attend?  Sadly, not even former Mad TV star Will Sasso’s fairly decent Hulk Hogan impression could not save the day.

What do you think of the clip?  Will you be seeing The Three Stooges?

Source: The AV Club