How’s this for Oscar Bait: The Blind Side director John Lee Hancock helms Kelly Marcel‘s 2011 Black List script about Walt Disney’s 14-year effort to convince author P.L. Travers to allow him to adapt her novel Mary Poppins into a film, with Emma Thompson in talks to play Travers, and Tom Hanks on board to play Walt?  Might as well start handing out the Oscars now and get it over with.

The film is called Saving Mr. Banks (and it’s been awhile since Hanks saved Private Ryan and… ugh, forgive me, ignore how I almost made that joke), will be produced by—you guessed it—Disney, which means that Walt Disney will probably be painted in the most flattering light possible.

For those in need of a little backstory: Walt Disney spent 14 year gaining the Poppins rights from Travers; Travers eventually gave in and released the adaptation rights to the novel, and the world received 1964’s Mary Poppins starring Julie Andrews.  The film was a huge success, except with Travers—the author was horrified by the film and its animated sequences, and never again allowed her works to be licensed by Disney.

So, to recap: a Bio-pic about the struggle to make a classic Disney film, Tom Hanks, probably Emma Thompson, the guy who directed The Blind Side, and a Black List script.  Or, as Disney is calling it, ch-ching, ch-ching, ch-ching
What do you think of the Disney news?

Source: The AV Club