For four years now, Pineapple Express and Your Highness director David Gordon Green has been pushing for a remake of the classic 1977 Italian horror film Suspiria, directed by Dario Argento.  The news of said remake has met with constant fan resistance and constant delays, which kept the film viewing public from having to witness such an unnecessary remake of said classic (seriously, this is on par with someone remaking Psycho or The Shining, which would never happ…er, nevermind).  But now, Green has finally announced that production begins this fall.

Crime Scene Pictures, Memo Films, and First Sun will be joining forces to finance and produce the film, “with Wild Bunch planning to sell international territories at Cannes this May and CAA handling domestic distribution rights,” according to /Film.

The original film’s plot revolved around a young American woman traveling to Europe to attend an elite dancing school, only to discover a malevolent force is behind the organization that runs the school.  The film is notable for its disturbing, surrealistic imagery,  near-neon lighting, and the unsettling soundtrack by the band Goblin (a soundtrack which Green has now secured the rights to).

While it’s admirable that Green (who does have some solid work under his belt—including Snow Angels, George Washington, and All The Real Girls) wants to champion such an important and excellent horror film, why not simply raise the money to release Suspiria in theaters, or release a Blu-Ray of the only-on-DVD classic?  Why remake an already excellent film?

What do you think of the Suspiria remake?