Serena’s gone mad with power and Blair’s off being blissfully ignorant – did we miss something? Did their roles get reversed or something? Last night’s episode of Gossip Girl was a bit more surprising than usual with numerous twists and schemes taking place. There was also the return of Diana Payne, who apparently came back to reclaim her throne atop the NY Spectator.

The Players:

Episode Title: “It Girl, Interrupted

Serena wants to pass her It-Girl torch to a hesitant Lola, whom she pressures to do a modeling gig at a lingerie show. Elsewhere, Chuck seeks Blair’s guidance regarding his mother; and Diana resurfaces and stirs things up at The NY Spectator.

The Good:

  • It Girl, Lola: At first Lola is hesitant to follow in Serena’s footsteps and become the new It Girl, but she eventually falls for it. It’s funny how all of these outsiders always come in to the Upper East Side hesitant to be on Gossip Girl (the website), but eventually crave the spotlight. It also seems like Lola will be playing a vital part in the show after all.
  • Everyone Gets Played (SPOILERS!): Gossip Girl is rich in dramatic irony, but every now and then, it leaves us out of the loop and when events unfold, we’re are left pleasantly surprised. In ‘It Girl, Interrupted’ it seemed like Lola and Nate were fighting over Diana, but what was really going on was that Nola had teamed up to plot against Diana and make her seem like straight up cougar. Gossip Girl is known for its scheming and plotting, but in the past couple of years, the show has lost its initial juice; it’s nice when the writers find new ways to shock us.
  • Princess Blair (SPOILERS!): Blair is enjoying the bliss of ignorance regarding her divorce, but she’s still disappointment. For as long as we’ve known Blair, she’s always wanted to be a Princess and now that dream is coming to an end. Usually, the Gossip Girl writers do this thing where they give very simple solutions to very complicated storylines (Lily and Rufus’s love child, Chuck’s near death experiences, Vanessa studying abroad), but thankfully, not this time. It turns out Georgina didn’t ‘fix’ Blair’s marriage; Chuck paid the dowry. Not only does this give us a legitimate reason for the divorce, but it also opens a whole new story for Chuck and Blair (is this the beacon of hope we were hoping for?)
  • Fame Monster: Serena has the love/hate relationship with fame that many famous people seem to have. On one hand, she wants to be off Gossip Girl’s radar and get a little privacy, but just when she thinks she’s about to become forgettable, she runs back into the spotlight. That’s just fame for you.

The Bad:

  • Trouble In Paradise: There’s trouble between Rufus and Lily again (boring!). It seems that by now their marriage should be strong enough to conquer it all shouldn’t it? These two have been through everything – lies, blackmail, prison, murder – let’s give ‘em a brake.
  • Selfless Chuck: Poor boring old Chuck, the writers just can’t find what to do with him. Oh, how we yearn for the days when Chuck slept with strippers, threw lavish Lost Weekend parties and said, “I’m Chuck Bass.”


There’s only five more episodes left this season, but it feels like the season just started, mainly because most of the characters feel so lost, with the exception of Blair, who until now has gotten some closure. We just hope there aren’t any more simple solutions because that’s just lazy.

Rating: 7.5/10

“Gossip Girl” airs at 8 p.m. on The CW.


What did you think of last night’s episode?