It’s Rock week on Dancing with the Stars and that means a lot of “guyliner” and REALLY scary costumes.  Kicking off the night of crazy is an absolutely terrifying performance from KISS (seriously, enough with the tongue).


Sherri Shepherd, Val Chmerkovskiy, Katherine Jenkins, Mark Ballas, Jaleel White, Kym Johnson, Melissa Gilbert, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Donald Driver, Peta Murgatroyd, Gladys Knight, Tristan MacManus, William Levy, Cheryl Burke, Roshon Fegan, Chelsie Hightower, Maria Menounos, Derek Hough, Gavin DeGraw & Karina Smirnoff.

Sherri &Val:

After an emotional dance last week, Sherri hits the floor with a passionate pleather filled tango.  Sherri does well despite an awkward solo on top of the judges’ table and Len thinks the dance “suited her personality.”  Bruno “likes it when she’s nasty” but Carrie Ann thinks she is “expressionless.”  Sherri earns a 21.

Katherine & Mark: 

In rehearsal, frontrunner Katherine struggles with the Paso Doble aggression, but after some Muay Thai boxing courtesy of Mark Ballas, she has no trouble looking angry in front of the giant chain link fence that’s on the dance floor for their routine.  However Bruno thinks her performance “wasn’t as clean and precise as a Paso Doble should be.”  Len mirrors that sentiment saying, “It had promise but it didn’t deliver.” Maybe the 20 pounds of metal spikes/ studs Katherine has on is weighing her down?  She earns a 24.

Jaleel & Kym:

Jaleel wears a leopard scarf in his attempt to channel Mick Jagger and overall the judges love the performance.  However Bruno wants “more aggression and attack in the footwork” and Carrie Ann wants him to “try not to be so smooth.”  Jaleel earns a 22.

Melissa & Maks:

Melissa wants to let out her “inner bad girl” with her Paso Doble, but it’s hard to focus on anything except Mak’s stunning cropped jacket (especially when he takes a spill at the end of the routine). Surprisingly Len “loves it” and doesn’t care that Maks fell.  Bruno calls it “hot blooded drama, a plenty” and Carrie Ann says it’s “her best performance by far.” She earns a 22.

Donald & Peta:

Donald uses the “athlete advantage” with his Paso Doble and performs bare-chested.  Of course Bruno loves it and screams, “Muscular, masculine, magnificent!” Carrie Ann calls it “spectacular” and Len says it’s “without doubt, his best dance.”  I agree Len. Donald’s dance is without a doubt the best dance of the night and earns him a 27.

Gladys & Tristan:

Gladys dances her Tango to a butchered version of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”   For being the oldest in the competition, Gladys does okay, but Carrie Ann thinks it’s “a little too ambitious.”  Len loves the choreography, but thinks, “her posture needs to be stronger.”  Bruno thinks for the level of difficulty, “she did a great job.”  She earns the only 6 of the night and gets a 20.

William & Cheryl:

Eye candy William doesn’t know who Twisted Sister is, but he’s going to dance a Jive to their song anyway.  Despite the perpetual shrieking from the ballroom audience (and my living room), his dashing good looks can’t make him remember a routine and the dance goes awry in the second half.  Len cryptically says, “It is what it is” and Bruno tells him, “You cannot be complacent.”  Carrie Ann wants him “to watch the routine and stay focused.”  William earns a disappointing 22.

Roshon & Chelsie:

Roshon has the unfortunate task of dancing the Viennese Waltz during Rock week.  Roshon seems to stumble through the dance and the massive amounts of fog on the ballroom floor, but the judges love it.  Bruno calls it “elegant and romantic” and Len says, “Good job dawg.”  Roshon earns a 26.

Maria & Derek:

Maria dances the Tango despite having a broken foot and a partner with a Mohawk.  For an injured person, she does great and she even has her own Greek cheering section that includes John Stamos. Carrie Ann loves their “incredible chemistry”(Maria and Derek, not Stamos) and Len thinks she has “great posture.” Maria also earns a 26.

Gavin & Karina:

After being in the bottom for the last two weeks, Gavin attempts to prove himself with a Tango.  The dance isn’t great, but the worst thing about the routine is Karina’s “Black Swan” makeup.  Len “likes it” but Bruno calls his “frame terrible.”   However Carrie Ann feels like she was “watching Johnny Depp.” Suuurree Carrie Ann.  Gavin earns a 23.

Rock week doesn’t disappoint in delivering all the cheesy gimmicks we love to hate, while actually delivering some memorable routines (I’m talking to you Donald Driver). Tonight’s elimination is most likely going to be either Gavin or Gladys.  Gladys has the lower score, but the bigger fan base, however ultimately I think Gladys will be sent packing.

Rating: 8/10

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays & Tuesdays on ABC.

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