Hey kiddos! Welcome to our new home on Screencrave and welcome to the second week of The Voice live shows. Tonight, it’s Team Cee Lo versus Team Adam. And without further ado, let’s get to the performances.

P.S. Cee Lo has his normal bald head going.

P.P.S. Blake is pointing at himself while a quizzical expression sits on his face.

Oh wait, we have to sit through a recap of last week first. Well you don’t, I do. Blah.

Okay, performances. First up is Katrina Parker from Team Adam – she’s the insurance worker who had a terrible disease that prevented her from singing for a couple of years.

Her Song: “Tonight, Tonight” by Smashing Pumpkins. Do you guys remember when that video was on TRL? It was killer. I wonder if Carson remembers.

Her Performance: She’s standing on stage, flanked on one side by an octet (two cellos and a combination of 6 violins and/or violas). She has a throaty voice that doesn’t have much depth, but that’s not a bad thing. She has an aura of confidence while she’s on stage that’s addicting. I don’t want to look away. Her energy could be better though. Despite that confidence, she looks a tad bored.

Judges’ Comments: Christina is still dressed like the Fruit Stripes giraffe. She had her doubts when the song was announced, but she loved Katrina’s voice, though she wished she could have “rocked out” more. Cee Lo thought Katrina didn’t sound appropriately tortured for the voice. Adam enjoyed Katrina’s theatrical and plain (but not boring) take on the song.

Should You Vote For Her?: I’m with Cee Lo and Christina – she lacked energy and emotion. She has a beautiful voice (no denying that), but she’s lacking that special energy a performer needs to really break out. It’s a hesitant no for me.

The first contestant on Team Cee Lo to perform is Chessa, the girl from Hawaii whose family moved to Los Angeles to pursue her passion for music.

Her Song: “Don’t Leave Me This Way” by Thelma Houston. What a crazy 70s song!

Her Performance: She’s silhouetted by blue light and when the lights come up, she is dressed in a blue and pink suit with a lime green shirt – it’s appropriately garish for Cee Lo. Then, dancers come on stage and it’s like an American Bandstand performance. Her voice is great, but she sounds like a carbon copy of Thelma Houston. In the package about the song before her performance, Cee Lo said they wanted to change it up a little. I don’t know how they’re doing that exactly.

Judges’ Comments: Blake loved it. He called it “like watching Solid Gold.” Adam said the performance had “Cee Lo written all over it,” but it didn’t pop enough to make Chessa stand out. Cee Lo disagrees with Adam and then talks about how he loves disco.

Should You Vote for Her?: Listen to Adam – there was nothing about her performance to make it pop. There has to be something better out there. Hold out for it.

Shut up Christina Milian! Nobody cares.

Tony De Luca explains away how he didn’t become a pop star like his fellow Mickey Mouse Clubbers (Christina, Britney, Justin) by saying he chose to take his music to smaller clubs. Riiiight. Anyway, he’s the next performer on Team Adam.

His Song: “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. Sidebar: How weird is it that John Cusack is playing Edgar Allen Poe in The Raven? If you think this is a complete non-sequitur, you’re too young.

His Performance: From the first note he sings, Tony sings with passion. He made me take notice. He looks so genuinely joyful to be on the stage. He works the crowd amazingly well, giving high fives all over the place. He has everyone waiting on bated breath for his last note. He is a little boy-bandish though, which I don’t usually like.

Judges’ Comments: His former Mickey Mouse Club Co-Star calls him one-dimensional (ouch!) and tells him she thinks there are better voices in the competition. Adam says, “That was honest.” He commends Tony for how he rose to the Peter Gabriel challenge, but isn’t slathering on the praise.

Should You Vote For Him?: I think Christina was unfair and that he’s more special than the other two performers we saw tonight. If you’re feeling him like I am, give him a vote.

Powerhouse vocalist who has worked as a bouncer and in a potato chip factory, Kim Yarbrough, gets to take the stage next for Team Adam.

Her Song: “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele

Her Performance: When I first heard Adele, I thought she looked like Kim Yarbrough, so my minds’ eye is enjoying itself now, but as this song continues, I don’t feel the pain. It sounds like Kim is going through the motions of singing, but not really owning this song. She has an amazing voice, possibly the best in the competition, so I don’t want to discount her, but she didn’t really pull it out how I was hoping.

Judges’ Comments: Blake heard her going sharp on the first chorus, but thought she was good. Cee Lo loves Kim, but thought the song choice was too safe. Adam loves Kim and thinks she’s amazing, but he doesn’t disagree with the comments. He doesn’t think she had a chance to shine with this song because Adele is so good, it’s easy to fall in her shadow when you wouldn’t otherwise.

Should You Vote for Her?: This wasn’t a great performance, but Kim is amazing. Let’s keep her in the competition. Vote for her!

Boston mechanic James Massone is Cee Lo’s next performer.

His Song: “Don’t Know Why” by Norah Jones. Cee Lo gave it to him because the ladies would love it. Is that why Cee Lo has his white cat?

His Performance: He’s sitting on a park bench. That’s weird and unnecessary. He’s also wearing a headband. Okay… He’s really working the girls in the crowd. This song flows off his tongue so easily. On one hand, I’m not impressed because it sounds so easy, but to make it sound so easy takes skill. However, I wish there was more flair. I’m falling asleep here.

Judges’ Comments: Blake, “I almost threw my panties on the stage right now.” Blake wants to vote for him. Christina makes no comments about her panties, but says she liked the softer approach despite pitch issues. Blake throws another comment about his in there for balance. Cee Lo invites the ladies to scream. They do. Then he calls James “solid” and tells him he might be too distracted by the ladies, but he gets it (you know, being Cee Lo and all).

Should You Vote for Him?: If you, like Blake, wanted to throw your panties on the stage, then I won’t begrudge you a vote. However, I won’t be voting for him. I think I’m still bitter from the departure of Charlotte Sometimes.

Team Cee Lo’s next entrance is Juliet Simms, the rocker from Florida who had several record deals fall out from under her, and who dressed like a slutty, biker bar Pocahontas in the battle rounds.

Her Song: “Roxanne” by The Police. I used to rock out on this on Rock Star with my law school friends. Killer.

Her Performance: She has one fringed sleeve on. I love Cee Lo’s styling. The beginning of the song sounds like a rock adaptation of “Jolene.” It’s cool how soulful it gets. Now THIS is the type of performance you want to see on The Voice – creative and more than just singing the song as written – finally! After the first chorus, she gets more into traditional territory with it. And I’m rocking out on the couch. That’s it. I’m now backing Juliet.

Judges’ Comments: Adam is pissed because she’s so good and she didn’t choose him. He calls Juliet’s performance the best he’s seen so far, including those on his team. Christina calls her voice “doooooope.” Blake was so impressed he was stuttering. He finally sees why everyone else was fighting for her. Cee Lo says, “Wow, just wow,” and tells her she needs nothing on stage to distract from her. Just her voice is enough.

Should You Vote for Her?: Why are you wasting time asking?! Get thee to the phone!

Done calling? (You could use the time Christina Milian is blabbing about). Okay. Mathai is up next for Team Adam. She’s the nursing student who comes from a family of doctors.

Her Song: “Ordinary People” by John Legend

Her Performance: It’s a simple, just her on stage with a guitarist and bassist. The simplicity is nice and really showcases a simple voice. But…her voice is so special and different that I wish Adam would have chosen a song that allowed her to do what she needed to.

Judges’ Comments: Christina agrees with me. She enjoyed the song, but wanted more energy. Blake commends Mathai for her confidence. Adam wanted to choose a song to showcase her natural abilities and is happy with the results.

Should You Vote for Her?:  If nothing else, this performance shows Mathai’s versatility, which is special. I love her voice in general, so I say give her a vote and hope she stops the show next week.

Broadway actor/singer, Tony Vincent is Team Cee Lo’s next contestant. His wife/girlfriend/person just gave birth and his daughter is adorable!

His Song:  “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears

His Performance: Tony is standing high above the stage while dancers with red masks and glowing eyes do a weird dance that looks like a combination of mime, Irish step dance, and the robot. All this is distracting from the fact that his voice is firmly cemented in Broadway. Without those weird visuals, you’d be falling asleep about now.

Judges’ Comments: Blake doesn’t like the dancers and the masks. Christina liked the “production value” with the dancers and masks and congratulates Tony on becoming a new dad. Then she says that the song puts some restraints on him that didn’t allow him to showcase his true talent. Cee Lo explains the story behind the dancers and the masks (love conquers hate?) and then ask people to vote for Tony if they like his team. Riiight.

Should You Vote for Him?: The dancers and masks upstaged Tony to the point that the judges talked about practically nothing else. Don’t vote for him. And if you think you’ll miss the dancers and masks, I promise you that Cee Lo will work them in someplace else.

Karla Davis, the girl with the quiet voice whose big voice is named Bertha, is Team Adam’s next performer.

Her Song: “Airplanes” by B.O.B.

Her Performance: She’s singing the hip hop parts of this song in a really sweet, melodic voice. She has rhythm in a way I wouldn’t expect from someone who, before this point, called herself a country singer. She has a natural ease with the way she moves on stage. She’s not so powerful like other contestants, but she has a quality.

Judges’ Comments: Christina calls her a surprise and compliments her cowboy boots and the adlib she incorporated. Christina seems really critical tonight. Blake wished Karla had more time to explore each facet of the song; the lyrics were so rapid fire that she couldn’t do that. Adam tells Karla that she didn’t do as good as she did in rehearsals, but he was pleasantly surprised by her.

Should You Vote for Her?: I don’t know. I don’t feel particularly passionate about her. I guess no, unless you really like her, and then yes.

Erin Martin, the former model, is wearing a Cleopatra costume. She’s up next for Team Cee Lo.

Her Song: “Walk Like an Egyptian” by The Bangles. This is appropriate considering her garb.

Her Performance: She is being rolled onto stage in a chariot. Until she gets to the second verse, it sounds like nothing more than someone singing along to this song in their car. Once she hits the second verse, she gets her signature Gramophone warble back, but it doesn’t sound like she put her all into the performance and was hiding behind the half-naked dudes and the chariot. I was bored and disappointed.

Judges’ Comments: Blake doesn’t like the half-naked dudes and thinks that the song wasn’t a good fit with Erin. Adam: “I think Blake just bought a one-way ticket to boner town.” Blake: “And it’s non-refundable.” Christina tells Erin that she needs to step it up if she wants to be recognized more for her voice than her looks. Cee Lo tells Erin she needs to be aggressive if she wants to win this competition.

Should You Vote for Her?: She has a great, unique voice, but I’m tempted to say don’t if her future performances will involve her hiding behind a couple cut men, a chariot, and a bad wig.

Joey McIntyre look-alike Pip is Team Adam’s next contestant.

His Song: “When You Were Young” by The Killers. Ooooh! Interesting song.

His Performance: He already has brownie points from me because I love this song. His voice seems a little too smooth and musical theatre-y for this song. I appreciate that he’s doing some air-drumming, but I don’t believe him as a rock star. And PS… he’s wearing a bowtie. Oh, hold the phone… at the break he starts freaking out, lets his voice get imperfect, and suddenly I hear the power, energy, and grit necessary for rock. This Pip has potential!

Judges’ Comments: Christina calls his performance pitchy and didn’t believe him as a rocker at first. Adam tells Pip he wishes he let go of his vocals and had a more gritty, dangerous intent. Adam wants him to be “less trustworthy.”

Should You Vote for Him?: He wasn’t perfect tonight, but right at the end, there was a glimmer of a rock star and I want to see what he does next week. Vote for Pip!

Tonight’s final performance is Team Cee Lo’s Jamar Rogers, a New York kid who beat addiction and homelessness.

His Song: “Are You Gonna Go My Way?” by Lenny Kravitz

His Performance: There are less theatrics surrounding Jamar than some other members of Team Cee Lo….hmm. I wonder if it’s because Jamar is a better natural performer. It seems so. He has a sexy rock voice that I love hearing. I believe him as a performer and the musicians on stilts aren’t that distracting because Jamar has that much stage presence. Also, I think he stole Michael Jackson’s jacket from “Beat It”

Judges’ Comments: Blake doesn’t get the musicians on stilts. Me either, dude. Adam wanted to say something, but Cee Lo cut him off. Cee Lo talks about how amazing the crowd is and how much they love Jamar. Adam tells Jamar that he embodies what the show is about.

Should You Vote for Him?: The crowd’s reaction was deafening, he has talent, stage presence, and magnetism. Hell yes, you should vote for him!

Voting is open, Carson recaps the show (if you can’t remember what happened, scroll up), and reminds us that the eliminations will happen tomorrow night. That’s it for tonight. I’ll see you all next week!

Overall score: 6/10

Written by Guest Writer Paige Feldman