While this comes as no real surprise—did you really think Warner Bros. would let the sequel to one of the biggest cinematic moneymakers of all time get slapped with an audience-shrinking R rating?—we’re always hungry for The Dark Knight Rises news here on ScreenCrave, so here you go: the MPAA has given the highly anticipated Batman film a PG-13 rating.

Both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight received the same ratings, and yet both (especially The Dark Knight) were able to convincingly portray violence in a way which was still fairly extreme (The trade off? No nudity or blood), so a solid PG-13 probably won’t hamper The Dark Knight Rises in any fundamental way (except for those of you hoping for a Catwoman or Bane nude scene).

The upcoming Christopher Nolan film (and his final entry into the Batman franchise) scored the PG-13 for “intense sequences of violence and action, some sensuality, and language.”  This is the first time one of Nolan’s Batty flicks have earned a rating for “some sensuality,” so who knows?  You Catwoman enthusiasts may be in luck after all.

The Dark Knight Rises opens on July 20th.  Try not to explode while waiting (it’s been an effort for us).

What do you think of The Dark Knight Rises news?

Source: /Film