Welcome to week five of the GG‘s temper and Reza show.

We start with new besties GG and Asa vintage dress shopping.  GG looks like she’s struggling with severe constipation when presented with her preowned options.  GG is not a fan of the stench of used clothing.  GG’s victim du jour is MJ and she gets Asa on her side for the upcoming attack.

  • Episode Title: “The Shahs of Great Neck”
  • Cast: Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi, Mike Shouhed, Sammy Younai, Asa Soltan Rahmati, Reza Farahan, and Mercedes “MJ” Javid

Reza is having his mother over for tea as he preps for his trip to New York to see his estranged father.  Reza’s mother has given him the love that he’s needed as a gay man in spite of her upbringing.  The two go through old pictures from her wedding and Reza’s childhood.  Reza’s mother is Muslim and his father was Jewish until he converted to Islam to marry her.  To this day, interfaith marriages are considered blasphemous in Persian culture, with the idea being that they simply never work.  Some  men are ruled by their mothers as if they’re under hypnosis–they have the free will to walk away and follow their hearts but instead go into a trancelike state and kowtow to their motherwives.  Reza’s father cheated on his mother and broke up their family.  Reza is clearly still suffering from the demise of his family.

GG has a paid friend over to help her get ready for girls night out.  GG is getting ready to confront MJ because she doesn’t want to fight.

Girls night starts out as snore worthy until GG decides too much time has passed without her forgetting to use her inside voice so she confronts MJ for being late to her parents’ anniversary party.  MJ’s excuse is her career and Asa’s friend Sunny boards the GG rollercoaster without a ticket and backs up MJ’s paying the bills mentality.  In hopes of ensuring a place on next  season’s Shahs, Anita confronts MJ for calling her Vegas dress old.  Sunny wants in on this fight to and she calls GG out for being a mean girl before storming out.  GG does not like people who have the audacity to wake up before 11 and work at jobs all day.  Asa supports her friend and communicates with GG diplomatically.  GG is frustrated that someone is talking to her like an adult and not giving her a reason to go into a histrionic fit.

GG takes a walk with her sister and talks about the girls night snafu.  GG’s sister wants her to go to therapy and anger management but secretly wants her in a strait jacket and a building where spoons are the only flatware.

MJ comes to Sammy’s house for mid day tequila shots and to pick up her birthday present.  I would like to see an interfaith interspecies storyline happen between these two.  MJ wants Sammy to stop being a playboy.  The American Heart Association wants him to improve his waist-to-hip ratio.

Reza and MJ are off to New York to mend fences with Reza’s father.  Reza’s father abandoned him 16 years ago.  Reza’s evil grandmother will be in attendance as well.  Reza and MJ discuss the level of garden tool his father is.  En route to Shabbat dinner, Reza is on a Manhattan manhunt for young white hoes.  Reza and MJ are going to his cousin’s house in Great Neck, the east coast Persian headquarters consisting of only Jewish folks.  Reza explains that although he has a Muslim name he is a yarmulke aficionado and not a wearer of turbans.  Reza’s cousin’s house is decorated in the traditional Persian style with Roman columns out front and gilded everything inside.  Everyone treats Reza with love and kindness except for his wicked grandmother, Madame Iran.

Reza and his father step outside for an emotional sit down.  Reza’s father is remorseful and apologetic for scarring his son and we see a beautiful moment between a broken son and his sorrowful father while under the gaze of a geriatric woman who eats dill rice slouched over in golden furniture.  The scene ends with Rezalution and Shabbat prayers.

This is the first time we’ve seen a human side to the Shahs and Reza’s storyline, which is an accurate depiction of some of the problems Persians face in today’s society.

Next week on the season finale of Shahs: GG likes men who don’t bathe but do pay her bills and Mike is a likely candidate, Asa debuts her song, MJ bickers with her mother and MJ is attacked by a humanlike octopus.

Rating: 8/10

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