This week, Khloe struggles to adjust to life in Texas, even though she has at least five assistants helping her.  Kris and Bruce visit her before she leaves to join Lamar in Texas.  Kris cries because she loves attention, but also because Khloe leaving will “change the whole dynamic of the family,” which isn’t true at all, but Kris is worried about who will “take care of Khloe” because all 27 year olds who are married still need to be “taken care of.”  Khloe says the trade to Dallas is a “curveball” and she has to “make the best of it,” which is positive, but a pro basketball player being traded is not surprising…like, at all.

  • Episode Title: “Alone Star State of Mind”
  • Cast: Khloe Kardashian Odom, Lamar Odom, Rob Kardashian, Malika Haqq, and Khadijah Haqq

Khloe arrives in Dallas and is immediately focused on finding a place for them to live because Lamar is “so sore” from working out that he “needs his own bed.”  Khloe already hired a real estate agent who has already started looking for them.

We’re at Lamar’s practice and he says, “Being on a new team for the first time, everything is mental now.  All eyes are on me and the pressure is on.” And it’s obvious he’s not handling the pressure well, because he is missing every shot.

Meanwhile Khloe is looking at places and she thinks she found one that’s perfect for them.  Back at their temporary hotel, Khloe tries to tell him about the place and Lamar doesn’t want to hear anything about it.  He’s upset about not doing well in practice and feels like he’s mentally “out of it.”

In the car Khloe asks him if he is “adjusting any better?” Lamar says, “It’s the first time basketball has felt like a job.”  Khloe says, “I think once we settle in and I can cook for you and have our leopard and candles, I think you’ll feel better.”  Yep you heard it correctly, “leopard and candles.”

Khloe continues her quest to make a home and buys a Tempur-Pedic mattress.  The super nice mattress salesman even throws in the pillows for free because rich people get everything for free.

Khloe picks up Lamar from practice and they go look at more massive apartments, particularly a two bedroom and a three bedroom.  Lamar thinks they need both for when “Rob, Malika, and Jamie visit,” and obviously it would be impossible for those three freeloaders to pay for a hotel room.

They get into a fight over whether or not Jamie can come and visit. Khloe says, “Jamie is not coming here just so you know” because he’s “a big distraction.”  Khloe says, “this is serious, this is Lamar’s career. He has to rest his body, eat right, and go to work.  Same routine every day.  Right now Jamie just doesn’t fit into this equation.”  Lamar says he’s going to tell Jamie, “You can’t come, straight up,” but will leave out the part about him being “a distraction.”

Khloe goes out for a “girl dinner” with Lamar’s teammate Jason Kidd’s wife, Porschla (yes that’s a real name) Kidd. They drink champagne and talk about how hard it is to be the wife of a rich basketball player.

They finally agree on which condo they want and the bed gets delivered so Lamar can finally get a good night’s rest! OMG I’m so relieved! It’s his first game and Khloe is nervous to “sit in the wives lounge.”  The game starts and Lamar is playing terribly but what’s probably not helping is Khloe yelling, “Lamar let it go!”

Since Lamar didn’t have such a good game, Khloe decides to bust out her secret weapon-candles.  She’s hoping “a little romance” will make him smile.  After setting up a circle of candles on the floor, Khloe goes into full baby voice mode, but Lamar isn’t having it and just wants to go to bed.  Khloe is “upset” and calls her Mom because she had a terrible game, I mean Lamar had a terrible game.  But listen everyone, “Khloe needs a support system too!”  She left “her comfort zone also!!”  Not for nothing Khloe, you can fly to do club appearances from anywhere in the country.  Kris validates Khloe’s unwarranted complaints by saying “You’re going to be fine,” because this whole thing is about the Kardashians.

Lamar hears Khloe crying on the phone and decides that he feels bad so he gives her a hug and kiss and all is well in the land of Khlamar.

Next week Lamar continues to play poorly and Kim visits and fights with Khloe over her not having a baby – healthy.

Rating: 8/10

Khloe & Lamar airs Sunday nights on E!

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