Well, fans of musicals, Glee, and Dirty Dancing, today is your day.  Everybody else?  Well, you may want to duck and cover, as it turns out that not only is Dirty Dancing being remade by the director of all three High School Musical films, but it’s being scripted by a Glee writer/co-creator.  Yes, High School Musical + Dirty Dancing + Glee = so much cinema cheese that even John Waters would find this a little too campy and gauche.

But because Hollywood is on a mad tear to remake 87% of everything that it released prior to the year 2000, we’ve got a Dirty Dancing remake on the way (because, gosh, the previous “reimaginig,” Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights really tore it up at the box office in 2004, making whopping $2 million profit after recouping its budget).  Directed by Kenny Ortega (the choreographer on the original Dirty Dancing, and the director of the mind-bogglingly bad High School Musical films), the film just scooped up a writer—Brad Falchuk, a Glee writer and co-creator, has just signed on to pen the script.

But perhaps there’s hope—Falchuk has done dark and solid work on Nip/Tuck and American Horror Story, so who knows?  Maybe this won’t be so bad, and the Dirty Dancing will feature a haunted house or a dance instructor who gets some cool reconstructive surgery to hide his international drug-dealing identity.  Hey, I can hope, can’t I?

What do you think of the Dirty Dancing news?

Source: Cinema Blend