Time for another round-up of this week’s entertainment bits and pieces. We’ve got the official trailer for Michelle WilliamsTake this Waltz. Also, very cool Game of Thrones fan art courtesy of Unreality Magazine; and a gallery featuring Alfred Hitchcock‘s classics as Nintendo Games. All that and more below.

  • Game of Thrones Fan Art: Unreality Magazine posted a gallery featuring Game of Thrones fan art. It’s a collection of 15 solid pics, check that out.
  • Celebrities & The Muppet Show: Although The Muppet Show is primarily for kids, there’s been a number of very cool celebrity guest stars who aren’t very kid-friendly. Unreality Magazine put together a list of Seven of the Most Endearing Celebrity Appearances from The Muppet Show. In their list the include celebrities like Alice Cooper, Debbie Harry John Cleese, and Peter Sellers. Check that out.
  • Drunk Writers: Slashfilm‘s Jordan Hoffman wrote an article of the Best Movies About Drunken Writers You Probably Haven’t Seen. It’s a pretty funny read mainly because it was influenced by Demon Rum. Hoffman’s list includes Barfly, The Lost Weekend (an awesome movie), and Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle. Check that out.


  • Alfred Hitchcock Movies As Nintendo Games: The Curious Brain posted a very funny gallery by Joe Spiotto featuring Alfred Hitchcock’s classics as Nintendo games. 


  • Take This Waltz Trailer: So, Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen made a movie together in which they play a couple, and it actually looks pretty darn good. Sarah Polley, known for 2006′s Away From Her, is at the helm here. Take This Waltz tells the story of a happily married woman who develops feelings for another man. It’s not what you’d expect. Here’s the trailer:

That’s the end of our round-up. Keep checking back at ScreenCrave for more entertainment news and features.

What are you excited for?