Because it just wouldn’t be summertime without at least one heavily CGI’d extravaganza of things loudly going ‘boom’ in an orgy of empty, lifeless action that we’ve seen hundreds of times before, all against a teal and orange canvas of depthless special effects, the film Battleship exists.  Filling the void left by the lack of a Transformers flick this summer, Battleship features large CGI machines blowing up other large CGI machines, until only one side of large CGI machines are left.  Want to see a full clip?  Sure you do.  It’s after the jump.

Oh, and then Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Alexander Skarsgård, and Rihanna all do things—that’s in the movie, too.  You can expect that they will occasionally yell, run, or make varying facial expressions in the general direction of the large CGI machines that make with the boom-boom-booms.  Even Liam Neeson will be on hand, now that he’s deep into his “seriously, what the hell am I doing showing up in these jackass action flicks?” phase.

Based on the Hasbro game of naval combat, Battleship is set for a May 18 release, at which point we can watch a bunch of underwater aliens mix it up with the navy—which is actually a pretty cool idea and I wonder why no one’s thought to try it before?

What do you think of the new scene from Battleship?

Source: Coming Soon